Happy New Year…. But Please Help The Cats

A new year is just hours away and we want to wish our listeners, viewers and readers a Happy New Year. However, we don’t want anyone to forget that just like in 2013 we hope that humans won’t forget the no-kill cat rescues that could use a helping paw. One of the organizations you’ve heard us mention is Safe Haven For Animals which has had it a little rough this past year. They’ve taken in plenty of cats that still could use a good and loving forever home. While they wait, it takes money to keep them cared for. Hopefully, they’ll get the help they need.

Cat Galaxy, has always been a voice for cats. After all, that is one of the things we’re known for since the station got started those many years ago. We may have lost Isis this year but the station continues to be a beacon of hope for those cats that think nobody hears them. If you can’t help Safe Haven, we encourage many of you cats out there to encourage your humans to help a no-kill cat rescue in your area.

Hopefully, the new year we are entering will convince the humans out there that we shouldn’t ignore the work that no-kill cat rescues do and that it takes time and money to make sure the cats that have yet to be adopted get that chance. All three of the cats in Cat Galaxy’s history have been rescues and we plan on continuing that tradition as Icarus teaches the next cat not only how to run this station but also about what Isis stood for. It’s a great gift indeed to give a cat that needs one a second chance so hopefully 2014 will be a year where more find their human and new home because every cat deserves it.

Happy New Year  everyone.

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