Cat Radio Station Moves Forward In 2014 With New Manager

Cat Galaxy’s new station manager Icarus proves that radio for cats is here to stay. The station still is the only one that broadcasts to an all cat audience and is also run by cats.

Happy New Year to all the cats and their humans out there around the world. With 2014 now here it seemed only fitting that the first blog entry for the year should be about Icarus who is now the manager of Cat Galaxy. After the passing of Isis in 2013, there’s no doubt her brother is up to the challenge. In fact for the last 10 years he has risen through the ranks and obviously learned well from Isis that cats can indeed run a radio station despite the humans saying otherwise. We are the first and only radio station for cats in existence after all.

When Icarus started out he was the Program Director and was responsible for merely making sure the live broadcasts were mostly problem free and was one of the cats that decided which stuff got airtime and which ones didn’t. Then 4 years later when Jade passed away he became Assistant Station Manager and thus was Isis’ right paw. When Isis wasn’t around Icarus had to make sure the operation ran smoothy and efficiently. He didn’t disappoint us at all. When it came to do the broadcasts he was (and still is) involved not only with its production but still to this day likes to take part in them as well.

Like his sister, Icarus became a face at Cat Galaxy and was also seen in plenty of news stories over the years. Yes, when the media paid us a visit wanting to do a story Icarus was often the cat they dealt with and proved to be very photogenic. While Isis appeared in her fair share of news stories (Jade was in a couple but would rather not have been) and sometimes would have to travel outside the station’s walls to make appearances,  she preferred to let Icarus deal with a lot of the media in house.

It’s seem funny that with Isis now gone that we’ve come full circle. Isis was the first and only cat to create a radio station for cats along with her human something that is now etched in history. The station started with one cat in command and now once again it continues on in much of the same way with Icarus now in control. It’s almost like a renewal because his management style is a bit different. Nonetheless, Icarus is continuing what Isis started and so far has shown he’s quite capable.

Now, for those asking if another cat will be adopted and join the staff, that is a plan in the works but just like Isis, Icarus will decide on his own how he’ll handle that situation. More than likely he’ll teach them how to run things and probably have to learn what it is to be an older brother. I think Icarus is ready for that because cats are pretty good at multitasking. As for what you can expect to see under Icarus, the broadcasts will pretty much stay the same although there will probably be some specialty shows from time to time (like Code Red Cats). Also being planned is a new web site and also new internet TV shows, because after all, cats enjoy variety and that’s the audience we cater to. Of course, just like it was under Isis, if the humans enjoy our station that is just a side effect. Overall, it’s onward and upward now.



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