Radio Marathon To Encourage Subscribers To Dump Cable & Satellite TV

On January 31st, Breaking News Journal along with SportzAddix, Freedomizer Radio, and CthePower will be hosting an online radio-a-thon called the Cut The Cord Revolution in an effort to get the humans out there to cut the cord to cable and satellite TV and sign on to Roku. The effort is all to raise funding and awareness of Breaking News Journal’s Roku channel which will soon be online and will bring those that view it such programming as education, news, sports and there will even be thanks to the powers at be at Cat Galaxy, an all cat channel. Yes, that’s right, you read that correctly there will be entertainment just for cats thanks to Icarus and while she is no longer with us, Isis.

While the cat channel has yet to be named (and no doubt Icarus will come up with a clever name) the programming will feature cats for adoption, news about cats, reality TV for cats, and other of the typical things you have seen on Cat Galaxy. Icarus and his human are expected to be producers of many the shows you’ll see. No topic will be safe and many of the things we’ve talked about on Cat Galaxy you’ll be hearing about on the cat channel. Another bonus is that our audience here at Cat Galaxy will see some of the shows from the channel on Cat Galaxy as well.

Now the cutting the cord idea has caught on and more humans have decided to sign on to Roku because of the high cost of cable and satellite TV. The truth is, it has gotten expensive and for about half the cost you’ll receive more channels on Roku than from cable and satellite TV. However, the one thing you will want to keep is your high speed internet and have a wireless router as well.

As for the lineup as to who will be appearing on the 6 hour radio broadcasting marathon, Cat Galaxy’s DJ is expected to be amongst the lineup of hosts and you can bet it will be all about the cats. There’s no telling whether Icarus will add his own two cents to the conversation as well. We hope so.

The radio broadcast marathon will air on Universal Talk Radio and begin at 3pm Pacific time.


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