Mainstream Media’s One Sided Reporting Will Lead To Its Downfall

As the mainstream media continues to air and publish one sided repetitive stories, independent outlets like Breaking News Journal are gaining an audience by tackling stories that big media brushes aside as being not news worthy.

It’s official. The old, crusty mainstream media has proven just how liberal leaning they are by giving coverage to a big company deciding to ban tobacco products from their shelves over a small business that decides to support gun rights and the Constitution. It opens up the big question, how low and left leaning can the news media sink to? Well, right now the pit they’re in now is pretty bottomless.

When a big company giant like CVS Caremark decided to ban tobacco products from their store shelves by October 1st it drew lots of coverage from the media and praise from everyone from Barack Obama to the anti-smoking groups who love to blame tobacco company’s for the addiction that people have to cigarettes. Yes, the liberals love to blame everyone and everything else for what they do. In their minds they think it was the tobacco product that apparently ended up forcing the cigarette to the person’s mouth and pressed that the person inhale while lighting up. If they get cancer from their cigarettes they blame the tobacco companies and some have been sued because the person decided it was the company’s fault they got addicted or sick even though for years doctor’s warned the populace that cigarette smoking would be hazardous to their health. Nonetheless, to smoke or not to smoke is a person’s choice and the left leaning media prefers to omit that fact because after all, they like victims.

Another thing the media likes is not covering companies who stand up for the Second Amendment, the Constitution and the Bill Of Rights. In fact, the left media doesn’t like covering small businesses who dare to admit they support a person’s right to carry a gun. This week when Panther TEK, a local computer repair company decided to hold a Second Amendment Appreciation Week and is giving discounts to gun owners, the local media decided it simply wasn’t worth the effort to mention it. Why? Probably because they’re against gun rights and small business. Yes, someone has to say it, the media is biased in favor of big business over small companies. Sure, small businesses built this country but the media doesn’t seem to like hearing that fact. And when a small business takes a stand by saying it supports the right for an individual to carry a gun, the media ignores it. I bet if it was a business calling for gun control that might get a nod right?

The old and what was considered mainstream media is hopeless. They’ve resorted to tabloid journalism and tried to pass it off as news. The more negative it is, the more they push it. If a big company bans something and leans left, the more coverage it gets. When a small business makes a stand the old left leaning media doesn’t cover it unless it’s going in a direction they agree with. Do the big companies get more airplay from the mainstream media because they have big budgets? Probably? Do small businesses get a lack of coverage because they don’t have large budgets? More than likely. CVS is getting a lot of airplay from the media because of their stand on tobacco. Panther TEK however receives no airplay on their stand on guns and sticking up for the Constitution. Do you see where this is going? The mainstream media has become unbalanced and also disappointing. They have no idea what true journalism is and have obviously lost their way. It’s yes to big business and no to small.

However, Panther TEK’s stand is getting noticed a little by what is now considered new media. Breaking News Journal, a nationwide grass roots media outlet has given it a little coverage as has Cat Galaxy. BNJ is an up and comer and is expected to far surpass the likes of The Blaze, Fox News, CNN, ABC, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, and every other left leaning media outlet out there. Why? Because BNJ is wanting to do things the old fashioned way, by being balanced in its reporting and covering stories that people really care about. Soon they’ll be launching a Roku channel that will obviously air the quality programming that big news and entertainment outlets are lacking. And they aren’t the only independent outlet. There are others springing up and people will eventually crave them because they don’t want to hear the news from biased sources which are controlled by big business.

The news isn’t about the latest YouTube video or what celebrity has gotten arrested. While those things are probably entertaining, it’s also what the media is passing as news these days. Can anyone say tabloid journalism? There’s nothing wrong with a little levity because not all news has to be serious but when a news station talks about what one of their staffers did today as if we should all talk about it, that’s not journalism. That’s just comedy and a brief moment of craziness which is in the category of entertainment.

When a company takes a stand that isn’t popular with the liberal media and they don’t feel it needs to be reported because it won’t be popular gossip, that’s news. The independent media will carry it or in the very least mention it. Why? Because the mainstream media won’t. There’s an old saying “one person’s garbage is another person’s gold.” This saying is true even with the media. They throw out a lot of stories having to do with small business in favor of big business because they think they either don’t find it interesting or think that none of their audience would even care. The truth is, they do which is why independent media is getting more popular. People are seeing they have a choice. The story the big news outlet throws out or shrugs off today could be the raging and popular story they see tomorrow. And it won’t be them reporting it, it’ll be the smaller outfit that doesn’t have big money behind it or is owned by a big company.

I guess this is kind of a warning to the news media outlets that their days may very well be numbered. The question is will they listen and bring back balanced journalism or will it be a job for the new rising grass roots media to tackle? Perhaps a revolution in the media needs to happen. It certainly would be welcomed.

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