Phoenix Business Targeted With Boycott Over New Arizona Law

Panther TEK, a computer repair company in Phoenix is being targeted for boycott over a new Arizona law that apparently re-affirms what’s already in the Constitution.

The passing of SB 1062 has been causing a real headache for one Arizona company which has received threats of boycott by some of the bill’s opponents. Nohl Rosen who owns Panther TEK, a computer repair company in Phoenix has already received emails from people saying that they won’t patron his business due to the new law passed by the Arizona State Legislature. Rosen says he has read the bill and sees no problem with it other than it was needed to re-affirm what is already in the Bill of Rights and the United States Constitution.

“I believe business owners have the right to decide for themselves how they operate their companies. I serve all of my customers equally and certainly don’t make decisions based on any religious grounds. I have read the bill and don’t see any issues with it. In fact it shouldn’t even be necessary necessary to draft such a measure in order to re-affirm the Bill of Rights. The real problem here is political correctness is ruining this country, and it’s unfortunate that when a business owner like myself takes a stand to defend the Constitution that it now equates to being something hateful. However, I won’t be bullied by a group of people who think they can tell me how to run my business. I built this company and I’ll run it my way,” said Rosen.

Despite threats of boycott by some opponents of SB 1062 Rosen has said he has also heard from supporters who said they will use the company’s services should they need computer help in future.

For more about Panther TEK call 480-980-8541480-980-8541 or visit the company’s web site at


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