Online Pay Per View Concert Could Gain Large Audience

Toots Sweet is one of the many artists now scheduled to perform on BNJ’s Summer Nights With Love online PPV concert in July.

Do you like music? Do you want to see a summer concert featuring different bands on the same day without ever having to leave home or your favorite hangout spot? One media outlet called Breaking News Journal is working on an event that is sure to capture the attention of music lovers and possibly bring bands struggling to get their names out there a whole lot of new fans. The event which is called Summer Nights With Love is a pay per view concert that BNJ says will be affordable and it will be streamed via the web so viewers can watch the concert on their computer, tablet and smart phones. In some cases it may also be accessible via TV screens as well. According to Ruth Bryant White the editor of BNJ the type of music won’t matter and music will range from rock to jazz.

In the short time since the concert was announced 6 bands have already gotten on board for the concert. They include Toots Sweet, Laurie Roth, Joseph E. Reed Country, Rita and DeWalden Frazier, Sharon Rondeau, Lady Ele, & Promise Jackson. More are sure to follow. Bands for years have been looking for a way to do a PPV concert without traveling to one single destination to perform a few songs to a live crowd. With what BNJ is planning the musical acts can perform even from their own home to a world wide audience and fans wouldn’t have to even get in the car to go see their favorite bands or artist perform unless they wish to.

At one time when bands performed live on pay per view the cable and satellite TV carriers were the ones who broadcast it and the cost was hefty. Now, smaller outlets like BNJ can bring these types of events to viewers at a lower cost because it’s all internet driven. Webcasting has become a more popular way to entertain the masses and is starting to take down the cable and satellite giants from being the ones that control what you see and hear. The unique part of the Summer Nights With Love concert is not just the fact the viewer can see the various acts live in one place online or because the bands could perform even from their living room, but it will also feature local bands as well.

While BNJ is hoping to line up some big names for the concert, they’re also hoping local bands and recording artists will also get noticed. All musical artists have dreams of getting their music out there to large audiences and this concert could be the way to do that. How’s that for helping giving the less known bands, their big break? Right now, BNJ is hoping bands and artists will contact them if they’re interested in performing for the event. If you want to know more than contact Ruth White at The concert is being planned for sometime in July.

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