IT Professional Says IRS & EPA Explanation About Missing Data Is Highly Questionable

A computer repair technician in Phoenix says that the the IRS and EPA explanation of missing data due to hard drive crashes is highly questionable and improbable.

When Congress launched an investigation into the current IRS scandal and got a subpoena to access the IRS’ records, the agency stated that at least seven different computers crashed causing emails to be erased. But one information technology professional in Phoenix says that the story the IRS is telling that a hard drive crash caused the emails to go missing is a great tale indeed.

“I have to wonder if the IRS is indeed telling the truth in this case? To have several computers crash at the same time is highly unlikely and almost impossible. Backups are put in place for a reason and to have two computers let alone 7 crash around the same time frame is strange indeed. Usually, when emails are erased it’s because the user deleted them. It’s also the same with files as well, and even if data is lost due to a hard drive crash there’s always a backup plan. If they didn’t have one then I’d have to wonder who is running their IT department,” said Nohl Rosen of Panther TEK, a local computer repair company based in Phoenix.

Rosen has spent a lot of years in IT field helping customers solve their computer problems but he’s said that although he’s he seen computers crash before, he’s never heard of a case where many computers went down at the same time. His company serves quite a number of customers, and that he has always made sure to recommend a backup plan so that if a hard drive crashes or if a computer simply stops working that there is always a way to restore the data to a customer’s computer or is able to transfer it to a different system.

And the IRS isn’t the only agency claiming that the files and emails that Congress is seeking are now gone due to a computer crash. The EPA (also ordered to provide documents to Congress) has also stated the emails and data needed for the Congressional investigation have gone missing or are lost due to computer failure and hard drive crashes. Is a computer crash now the government’s new excuse for when files go missing? It seems like that’s the story they’re going with leaving many American citizens wondering how the government can find out tax records but suddenly lose data that is important to a Congressional hearing and also ordered to be handed over to Congress.

Is Obama getting the same people for the IRS’ and EPA’s IT department from the same place he got his cabinet members from? The man is obviously trying to hide a lot despite telling the American public that his administration would be the most transparent we’ve ever seen. No doubt, the latest wave of computer problems plaguing our government has been the talk amongst the citizens of this nation as well as those in the IT industry. Nonetheless, it’s unknown whether the data will be recovered. Perhaps Congress should hire small companies like Panther TEK to go in and fix the IT problems which seem to be happening in great quantities now. But our government has more problems than just computer issues. The biggest one is obviously personnel.

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