Big Brother 16 Fans Want To See More Jocasta

Jocasta has fun with one of her Big Brother house mates after a slight disagreement. Big Brother fans are saying they want to see more of her.

Have the producer’s of CBS’ reality show Big Brother chosen Frankie Grande and a few others as their favorites on the show, instead those that truly the fans would like to see? One of the biggest questions coming from quite a number of the show’s fans is where Jocasta Odom is at. She’s around quite a bit but it seems that she isn’t getting any real air time. When she is, viewers are thrilled to see her. And yes, Jocasta has fans both on Facebook and on Twitter.

One Facebook fan page dedicated to Jocasta is called The Jocasta Watch which when you see it posts all of the latest news about Jocasta and even her family has liked it and posted to it. Also, a Twitter page called Team Jocasta started by her sister has also become Jocasta central. There’s no doubt people are starting to fall in love with this minister from Griffin, Georgia but fans are also wondering why she isn’t seen as much as say Frankie, Devin, and a couple of others. Although, Frankie has gotten the most airtime and by some stroke of luck, viewers have chosen him and Derrick to be on Team America and Donny mentioned he doesn’t trust either of them.

There has been a lot of people questioning the reason why Frankie is on the show. After all, his sister is a popular pop star named Ariana Grande and Frankie himself has boasted about his having lots of Facebook fans. Nonetheless, the producers seem be giving him more airtime than anyone else. Some viewers are starting to wonder if it’ll be fixed in his favor to win the show’s big prize of $500,00. Some have also questioned his making Team America as well. Next to Donny, Jocasta is now being seen as a positive force in BB house but yet when she counsels some of the house guests (and quite a number have talked to her about their problems and sought her help as she’s both a minister and a life coach. In fact, she’s liked so much in the house that Cody has been calling her Momma J and once mentioned to other house guests that when he received a hug from her that it was a motherly hug.

With Jocasta, what you see is what you get. Jocasta is showing that you can play the game but still have a caring for others. She’s listened to some of the problems that the other house guests have had and while you wonder if they’re being honest they seem to talk to her. Many critics were expecting Jocasta to be a Bible thumping minister but she’s pretty much silenced them. Yes, Jocasta has hosted a couple of prayer circles but she hasn’t forced her views on others. Meanwhile, when Jocasta counsels people it never makes it on TV so it makes you wonder if the producers want more drama and less real life positive moments.

Jocasta is on camera and if the viewers saw all the things she has done they would probably see just how warm and loving she is. They would see her magic at work. Unfortunately, the producers are cutting her out in favor of all the plotting, lying and of course what Frankie is doing next. Maybe, if they focused on Jocasta they’d see what the fans are seeing, that like Donny they want to see more of her. Even her facial expressions are starting to trend online so it’s obvious people like her.

Right now she’s still in the game but even if she leaves the show she’ll have opportunities waiting for her. Already the Stitch Factory which is based in Las Vegas is wanting to book Jocasta for a fashion event they’re involved with in their home city. Yes, another thing that fans of the show have talked about this season is her constant wearing of bow ties which Jocasta indeed makes by hand. Whether she wins or loses Big Brother, it’s more than likely Jocasta will prosper but quite a number of people are rooting for her to win the whole game. Anything is possible but Jocasta was already working on some projects before she left for the show. One of which is creating quality programming for Breaking News Journal as well as continuing the ministry she created that helps women in crisis.

The question is, will the producers want the public to see more of her? You’d think her belief in God and the fact that she’s held at least 2 prayer circles would at least make it on the air. Viewers saw it on the live feeds but it never made it to TV. Meanwhile, Frankie can talk about being gay and his sister Ariana and that makes it through. It makes you wonder if the producers have picked their favorites and Jocasta was just put up their as a backup prop. Meanwhile, fans have stated differently that they want to see more Jocasta and aren’t getting it. Perhaps the producers need a strong wakeup call that less of guys like Frankie and more of people like Jocasta is the route to go. Jocasta is a force of good in that house in a game where lying, cheating and who to backstab is normal. Of course Jocasta isn’t alone in regards to principled players. Donny Thompson the groundskeeper from Albemarle, NC also has a growing fan base now because he like Jocasta have a sense of honor and decency and want to play the game fairly and ethically. And much like Jocasta we don’t see a lot of Donny on TV. For Jocasta and Donny, the only real air time they’ve seen is when they hosted the POV competitions. Other than that and despite what the viewers want they seem almost non-existent. Of course Donny did win a POV competition in the show’s first week.

At last check the show over the years has lost some viewers. And at last check has suffered a decline. Could it be that viewers are tired of all the backstabbing, drama and the fact that the ones who do the most of it end up winning on shows like this? This season provided two great people for the country to root for Jocasta and Donny but a lot of the viewers are asking whether Jocasta is still on the show or who she is. Come on CBS, people want to see Jocasta and though she has yet to win any competitions, she’s brought kindness, understanding and a warm heart to the game and a house full of chaos. Surely, that would make for good TV right? Give us more Jocasta please.

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