Online Concert To Honor Big Brother 16 House Guest

It’s not every day a house guest on the hit CBS reality TV series Big Brother gets a concert performed in her honor. But it’s obvious that Jocasta Odom is now starting to get a strong fan base and while she won’t be able to see the online musical variety show, perhaps a bow tie can put on a computer chair as a way to have her there in spirit. The Summer Nights With Love pay per view concert is set to feature up and coming artists like Toots Sweet, Lady Ele, Joseph E. Reed and others. The best part is the cost of a ticket is only $10. Yes, you heard that right and it’s rare to get a concert by up and comers for that kind of price.

The 3 hour concert which takes place July 19th is hosted by Breaking News Journal is also somewhat revolutionary because the bands will perform via the net from different cities around the globe, though many of them will be from the United States. And the best part of the concert is that those who purchase tickets for the concert will be able to access it online via their computer, tablet, or smart phone. They not only will be able to see it live but if they miss it, they can log in and see the entire concert later. It’s also going to be interactive for viewers as well so they’ll get to ask questions of the bands and artists participating.

So grab your tickets, because this one will be fun and a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon. The show starts at 12pm so get your ears, eyes and speakers ready. To purchase tickets just click the following link.


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