Jocasta Returning To The Big Brother House Would Add Excitement To BB16 Storyline

In a recent interview of Big Brother Live Chat, Jocasta Odom shared her entire game plan with BB16 viewers. It could make for exciting TV if she comes back.

It’s been almost 2 weeks since Jocasta Odom, the minister from Hampton, Georgia was evicted from the Big Brother House although she wasn’t really sent home but instead became the first member of the show’s 9 person jury. And while many viewers thought she was a weak player that couldn’t win competitions, her interview with Big Brother Live Chat enlightened them of not only her game plan but pointed out that her being on the block was all a part of it. Yes, it appears Jocasta has a great strategy and hopefully the producers will be wise enough to use in the storyline. Right now, jury members have a chance to return to the game and if the old Jocasta makes it back to the house, then expect things to get kicked up a notch.  I mean who wouldn’t want to see Jocasta run right over the Detonators like a steamroller? Frankie, Derrick, Cody, Caleb, Zach, and Christine certainly wouldn’t expect it. They’re thinking that if she were to return that it will be sweet, dear old Momma J they’d be dealing with. They won’t expect the old Jocasta who will be a beast and come in the house guns blazing. And no doubt her diary sessions would be great like they were before she left. Jocasta has also proven to be a good speaker and lively in interviews as well.

At present time, Donny has won safety again this week and right now the members of the Detonators are hoping to dump Zach. While some fans of the show took to Twitter to try to save him claiming that a re-nom rule was broken (Frankie apparently told Zach he was being nominated as he was using the veto power to save Caleb which is a BB rule violation) though it looks like it won’t happen since it is only lightly enforced. Of course Zach himself also told Christine she was being put on the block for eviction when he first won HOH. Despite that fact, the Zach fans are hoping BB production will suddenly have him come back via a jury competition. That would not only a predictable outcome but keep up with the same boring theme which is driving away viewers.

Right now, the Detonators once again control the votes and the house. Donny has had to fight them completely alone. Last week during the Battle Of The Block his partner Christine (chosen by random drawing of Skittles) tried to throw the competition and also did what she could to her fellow alliance members Cody and Caleb win so they could keep Donny on the block. That plan failed as Donny won BOTB on his own thus dethroning Derrick, the HOH (Head Of Household) who nominated them. Frankie is now currently in power and Christine is still upset that Donny foiled their plan to keep him on the block.

Regardless, Donny is completely surrounded by his enemies and Jocasta returning to the game as a player ready to fight would make things a little more exciting and makes a lot more sense that having Zach leave through a revolving door and come back. Besides, Zach in the first few weeks of the show didn’t seem to mind the idea of making the jury in order to ride out the rest of the summer. There’s better food and accommodations in the jury house. Jocasta should go back. Out of all 4 jury members, she will have waited in line the longest and her coming back as a beast is the best part of the storyline so far. Also, her becoming HOH upon her return would be bittersweet since she wanted a letter and pictures from her family which she hasn’t seen or heard from in over 2 months.  Hopefully, BB production will see that the return of Jocasta will liven things up and is good for the show. It certainly would end things on high note since viewers are starting to fall asleep. This Thursday, we’ll all know which direction the show’s producers will eventually want to end things on, but her return would hold true to the phrase Julie Chen has been stating all season, “expect the unexpected.”

If you want to see more of Jocasta, she does have an official Facebook fan page at You can also follow Jocasta on Twitter at .

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