Jocasta Fans Upset By House Guest’s Portrayal Of Her On The Big Brother Live Feed

Derrick plays Jocasta in a skit which her fans are finding offensive. It was part of a Team America mission where each of the current Big BrotherĀ  house guests had to put on a play about those who’ve been evicted.

It looks like Big Brother production has another disaster on its hands. Last night on the Big Brother live feeds, the house guests gathered to do something called BB Broadway which was all a part of a Team America mission. The house guest’s were chosen to put on a play where they portrayed evicted house guests. Most of it was offensive but none more so than Derrick’s version of Jocasta. He portrayed her as a vengeful, uninformed minister and a dramatic injured competitor as he picked on her for getting sick or injured on the show. Yes, pretty much the man who stabbed her in the back before her eviction chose to really bash her with this latest performance. In fact, he got personal and said things Jocasta would never even say.

Of course, on Jocasta’s Facebook fan page called The Jocasta Watch, fans weren’t thrilled with his latest attack on Jocasta and they let their feelings known.

“It was in poor taste and it is not nice,” wrote one fan. Another stated:

Derrick just lost a fan. He could have portrayed her in a better way other than saying almost everyone is going to hell. Jocasta never said anything like that.”

One fan even asked..

Is he mocking Christianity? Most importantly…. he is a father. I know he didn’t fix his mouth to use Chris and the boys to make fun of her! Have a seat Derrick.”

Yes, Jocasta fans are upset with this latest attack on her character. Derrick often asked Jocasta to pray with him and it was a nightly ritual but now that she’s been gone, he’s done nothing but mock her. This latest personal pummeling of Jocasta wasn’t met warmly by not just Jocasta’s fans but two house guests Donny and Nicole. Donny lightly clapped and tried to put on his best smile but Nicole wasn’t too fond of this latest attack on a woman she has made friends with. Yes, you could see Nicole was uncomfortable with Derrick’s bashing of her friend.

Derrick isn’t the only one that has picked on Jocasta behind her back. There have been others like Christine saying she hated Jocasta and Frankie suggested that she kill herself. Yes, even Victoria has tried to get in a few jabs as well as Cody and Caleb. Then again, Victoria wasn’t friends with many of the women and did a ruthless yet untrue portrayal of Amber in last night’s skit as well.

Jocasta believes in God and has done nothing but treat all her fellow house guests with kindness. That’s just who she is. Of course, the attacks on Jocasta have been equally hateful online, especially on Twitter. However, Jocasta has more fans than those who don’t like her. Jocasta is warm, fun, caring, funny, and not afraid to show who she is. One of the most memorable moments is the fact that she and Donny became best friends in the house. They didn’t talk game much but instead talked about their family and friends back home as well chatted about their own lives. Jocasta wanted to form an alliance with Donny and he didn’t seem to thrilled with the idea. It’s possible that he wanted to separate the game from the friendship. But he and Jocasta bonded and became each others biggest cheerleader.

If CBS and BB’s producers wanted the ratings then they should’ve capitalized on the friendship Jocasta and Donny had in that house. I realize how people wanted Zankie because they thought it was entertaining but Jocasta’s and Donny’s friendship was much more real and genuine. Overall, Jocasta won the game. She left with her principles and the core of who she is intact. She didn’t lie, cheat or stab anyone in the back to win. CBS if they were smart should’ve emphasized that fact. It would’ve been great to see her win the $500,000 but no doubt she’ll do very well financially when the show is over. Already, fans of the show are wanting to purchase her bow ties which have become Jocasta’s trademark. She’ll also be producing a reality show of her own for Breaking News Journal which she was planning on before she went on BB house. Word on the grapevine is that Jocasta will also be doing speaking engagements when the show is over as well. I think the list of opportunities is endless for her.

After last night’s performance on the live feeds, CBS and BB production have now gone down a real slippery slope. They have a real winning storyline with Jocasta and Donny especially if she had won the BB jury competition. She would’ve come back a beast and having her run over the Detonators with a steamroller would’ve been good TV. It’s ok though, Jocasta is in the jury house and can relax in luxury be proud of the game she’s played. Currently, she’s in the BB jury house with Hayden and Zach but Donny may soon be joining her as well unless there’s some surprise by the producers to keep him in the game. Regardless, Jocasta walked out of the BB16 house a winner and that’s all that really matters.

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