Big Brother Sinks To New Low: Frankie Grande Suggests Having Fellow House Guest Victoria Rafaeli Gang Raped

Frankie Grande is once again under fire by Big Brother viewers after he suggested that fellow house guest Victoria Rafaeli be gang raped.

Is there no end to Frankie Grande’s vile and disgusting behavior on Big Brother? First he bashed Jocasta Odom by suggesting she kill herself, then it was saying he wanted to euthanize Zach Rance. He also said he would punch Nicole Franzel in the face and now he’s turned his attention to Victoria Rafaeli and suggested she be raped by fellow house guests Caleb Reynolds and Cody Calafiore both who took great delight in laughing at the idea along with Christine Brecht and Derrick Levasseur. And certainly those watching the live feed at this shocking display were quick to take to social media to show how they felt. And no, fans were overall disgusted by what they saw and heard on the BB live feed.

In fact, the outrage is now in the media and Victoria’s mother Lizabeth is now speaking out and demanding that not only Frankie apologize, but the entire Grande family as well. That may be impossible since they have remained silent over all the vicious things he’s said about other house guests on the show. They do however have no problem saying how proud they are of him, so it does leave one wondering if this kind of behavior is a Grande family trait. But why try to get an apology from them? It seems the one who owes it is Frankie himself but don’t expect that to happen either. He was never apologetic to anyone on the show. The others who should be apologizing are CBS and BB production who were responsible for casting Grande in the first place. Apparently, they went for the Ariana fan base and thought Frankie’s supposed fame was a bonus. That sounds pretty desperate by CBS and the producers of the show. Could it be that Big Brother is losing its audience?

You would think that after mentioning that Jocasta kill herself that Frankie’s followers on Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites would drop as fast as an anchor in the water but so far they’ve remained somewhat steady. I guess Frankie appeals to that nasty crowd portion of America. You know the kind?  They’re the ones that press for gay rights, gay marriage and every other despicable agenda that’s playing out in our country. We’ve seen the push by Frankie for gay rights on the show and it’s not surprising that for a media outlet that prides itself on family entertainment that it has obviously has very liberal views.

Frankie’s biggest attacks on the show have been on Jocasta and her belief in God which is very strong. Frankie has not only attacked Jocasta’s belief in the almighty but Freedom of Religion which came after Jocasta officiated a memorial ceremony for Frankie’s and Derrick’s grandfathers’. Not long after the ceremony Frankie mocked Jocasta’s belief in God and also suggested she kill herself. That’s not a good thing to say about a minister. Jocasta’s support of God is much more preferable than Frankie’s constant push of the gay rights position which is trying to ride the coat tails of the civil rights movement. Of course, hat’s a separate argument for another time.

But Frankie’s harsh and disgusting behavior didn’t end with Jocasta, because he found new words to say about people. He suggested that Zach Rance be euthanized, called Nicole the C word and had someone else torture her (if you call being a have-not for the second week in a row that) after she returned to the house is hardly just game. Frankie has made it a personal crusade to just be plain mean. When Donny Thompson was evicted he bashed him and tried to make the claim that he didn’t deserve to be America’s Favorite Player. Frankie feels he should have that honor but right now the viewers aren’t feeling it.

It has to be said and it is pretty harsh and obvious that Frankie is a spotlight whore. He wants everyone to pay attention to him and he wants every moment of camera time he can milk out of this show. He’s shown his jealousy time and time again if someone else gets on camera. It’s apparent that Jocasta was starting to get more airtime and viewers have commented that they enjoyed her diary room sessions but it seems Frankie felt he was the only one who should have airtime. Yes, Jocasta was starting to get more popular amongst the viewers and no doubt that didn’t sit well with Frankie. It makes you wonder if he was in the DR every moment to complain about all of the cameras being on him. He also was consistent on

Frankie’s quest to become loved has now had the opposite effect. He’s now more bitter than ever and is now trying out a new role of being a villain on the show. This latest suggestion that Cody and Caleb gang rape Victoria was disgusting. He made gestures on how it should be done as did Derrick. Yes, Derrick could’ve put Frankie in his place and told him how horrible it was and stood up for Victoria or least warn her about it. Instead he laughed and went with it. I guess the Central Falls PD, and his wife must be proud right? And what a great example he’s setting for his daughter as well. I thought a police officer was supposed to help people but I guess he proved us wrong.

I think it’s time that CBS pull the plug on Big Brother because it’s gone from bad to worse. If they were trying to get ratings with this season, they should think again. Keeping Frankie over let’s say Jocasta, Donny, Hayden, Nicole, and yes even Joey (you remember her right?) was a pretty bad move by CBS’ and BB production. Before the show even started, viewers and fans were already questioning whether the show was being fixed in his favor or not.  And they may be right. Frankie consistently plugged and boasted about his sister on the show. He also claimed to be a social media mogul as well. And lets not forget his thinking he’s entitled to sleep in the HOH (Head Of Household) room even when  he isn’t HOH. Hell, he even had people throw competitions to stay in power, used his grandfather’s death as a game move to gain sympathy and yes, even seemingly had competitions rigged in his favor to keep his face on the show. At this point, he could set fire to the house and the producers would still figure out a way to keep him on the show.

A word of advice to CBS and BB production, listen to your fans. A lot of them are tired of the Frankie and Derrick hour. They wanted a little action but not a whole show filled with Frankie’s obvious hatred towards others and of course demeaning the women by having the men (except Donny) try to get them out of the game as quickly as possible or showing them as weak. Jocasta, Amber, and Nicole all have class. Hell, even Brittany had her moments, but this whole show has been about then men taking over and making the women look inferior.  The show has taken a very ugly and dark turn, especially casting Frankie, Caleb, Derrick, and a couple of others. Suggesting the rape of a woman on the live feeds is despicable, vile and downright disgusting.

Right now, many viewers are outraged at Frankie’s latest words and are demanding his removal from the show. And of course, his family remains silent as always as has the producers of the show. At what point will CBS break its silence and finally agree with the fans that Frankie and those that shared in that despicable display of suggesting the rape of Victoria need to go? Right now, it seems like Ariana fans may be the majority of those who view the show but who will they get to try to save the show’s numbers next year? It seems like they scraped the bottom of the barrel this time around and there’s only so many times you can play the Ariana card before it gets to be repetitive. Currently, once was enough already.

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