More Controversy Surrounds Frankie Grande’s Eviction On Big Brother

Frankie Grande exits the Big Brother house. Of course, his time on Big Brother isn’t without its share of controversy with Grande causing much of it.

It seems like CBS and Big Brother are once again sitting on the hot seat with viewers who are wondering if the eviction of Frankie Grande was indeed staged. Yes, many viewers are happy Frankie is gone, but when he walked out the door of the Big Brother House he faced a cheering audience instead of one that should’ve riddled him with boos. Well, the rumor online is that the audience was made up of CBS employees and production staff. It makes sense, because a lot of viewers have questioned just how much favoritism the show’s production team has given simply because he’s Ariana’s brother. In fact, almost the entire season Frankie talked about her, her new album and he even used her name in the game to get further ahead even after the so-called preplanned reveal.

I guess the name Grande must have a lot of weight with CBS because it seems to appear that Frankie was allowed to get away with almost anything he wanted. He also could say anything he wanted without being stopped, like saying fellow house guest Jocasta Odom should kill herself. Yes, viewers were appalled by that one only to have it ignored by CBS and BB production. Even Jocasta’s family voiced their outrage about that one. Or how about when Frankie said he wanted fellow house guest Zach Rance euthanized or threatened to punch Nicole Franzel in the face? Still nothing from CBS who apparently ignored it. Then, came the suggestion from Frankie to have Victoria Rafaeli gang raped? Yes, still no response from CBS who shrugged it off. Of course, Victoria’s mom had a lot to say about that one and demanded both Frankie and his family apologize for the callous words directed towards Victoria who was not in the room at the time when he made the statement suggesting she be assaulted.

It’s pretty apparent that a shield of protection is being thrown around Frankie. Even when evicted CBS is trying to find a way for him to save face. No boos from the crowd and also host Julie Chen seemed to avoid calling him out on his behavior. She has no problem calling Christine out for her bad behavior but Frankie she treated with kid gloves and also posed for a photo with him. Apparently, Julie Chen got chummy with Frankie drawing more speculation from fans on just how much influence the Grandes had on the show. At the time of the comment regarding Victoria, it was rumored online that Frankie got to speak to his mother and his attorney over the incident.

Even after his eviction, he’s gotten more notoriety due to Big Brother, but as you know Frankie commented that he was hoping to gain even more fans because after all, he claims to be a social media mogul. But when he attacked Jocasta’s religious beliefs and told her she could kill herself that should’ve been the end of him on the show. Fans were outraged but his vile nature was allowed to continue to have a home on the show. Also, Frankie’s flamboyant gay behavior was a major problem for Jocasta who apparently at some point during the show told him to back off. Yes, the bow tie wearing minister was able to see right through Grande, so at least there was indeed one person in the BB house that wasn’t going to fall for his act. This is obviously a sticking point for Grande who later helped evict her (though it was a Derrick 180 degree decision that was the real factor) because he wanted to keep Zankie together. Of course, there was already a falling out by then.

Now, Frankie is headed to the jury house and will be surrounded by those who don’t like him. It’ll be a wakeup call for Grande who no longer can play the Ariana card in what is considered an already upset jury. Certainly, CBS can’t shield him from the outside world because the reality is there are quite a number of people that just don’t like him. Now he may have increased his numbers on social media but those fans that follow him certainly won’t be ones of quality like the ones Donny (who doesn’t have accounts on Twitter or Facebook but does have a regular mailing address if fans want to write) or Jocasta have now. Nonetheless, Frankie is about to find out just how bad karma can bite you on the ass. And, if you’re a Grande that may be a very large piece taken out of the rear end.


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