Radio Host Encourages Support Of Kroger: Says It’s Time To Stand Up To The Gun Grabbers

Radio host Nohl Rosen is asking gun owners to come strongly in support of grocery chain Kroger which is under attack by the gun control group Moms Demand Action.

Recently, the gun control group known as Moms Demand Action has launched an aggressive campaign against grocery giant Kroger to convince the supermarket chain to turn its stores into gun free zones. But one radio host is encouraging those who support the United States Constitution, particularly the Second Amendment to come out in big numbers in support of Kroger and to spend money in their stores. In fact, he’s suggesting they open carry while doing it which is something he has done on a regular basis without incident.

“Kroger needs to know that gun owners support them and that we also spend money in their stores. The gun grabbers like to think theirs is the only voice that matters. Those like myself who support gun rights and the Second Amendment also have just as loud of a voice. Moms Demand Action and other groups like them have no right to tell a business owner or company how to operate. They certainly have no right to tell someone where they can and can’t carry their firearm. They’re nothing but a bunch of bullies and the only way to deal with a bully is to stand up to them,” said Nohl Rosen who’s a broadcaster on Cat Galaxy and is also a producer with Breaking News Journal.

Rosen isn’t just a radio host but is also a business owner as well. He’s also no stranger to speaking up for the Second Amendment and an individual’s right to carry. In fact Rosen is going to be producing and hosting a show about guns called The Highest Caliber which will air on Breaking News Journal’s TV channel in 2015. The show will feature gun reviews, Second Amendment discussions, range reviews, and gun related products.

“This will definitely be a show that patriots can support and we’re hoping it will be something those who believe in the Second Amendment will enjoy. One thing’s for sure, it won’t be gun control friendly or politically correct,” Rosen added.

As for the gun control crowd, Rosen added that although they have a right to their opinion it should never supersede someone’s right to carry.

“The Second Amendment shouldn’t be up for debate. If those calling for gun control don’t want to carry a gun to defend themselves that’s fine. I for one won’t be a statistic and certainly won’t be a victim if the bad guys come calling,” Rosen said.

So far, Kroger hasn’t given in to MDA’s demands and has taken the position that they will follow what state laws dictate.


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