Radio Host Launches Counter Protest Against Moms Demand Action To Support Kroger

Radio host Nohl Rosen shows off his holstered pistol and is encouraging gun owners nationwide to carry in support of Kroger’s stand against Moms Demand Action which is trying to bully the grocery giant into turning their stores into gun free zones.

It’s pretty clear that the gun control group Moms Demand Action wants every business in this country to become gun free zones and has resorted to bullying tactics to try and get their way. They’ve succeeded in getting a few business like Chipotle, Target, Jack In The Box, and even Starbucks to become gun free zones and now they’ve set their sights on one of this country’s biggest grocery retailer Kroger. And yes, they’re using every dirty tactic in the book to pressure the company to prevent law abiding citizens legally carrying a gun in their stores from shopping there. First they put out an ad campaign featuring a little girl with an ice cream cone standing next to a guy with a rifle in the frozen food aisle stating “One of them isn’t welcome at Kroger. Guess which one?” Then came the same type of ad only this time it featured a kid with a skateboard. Now, their latest attack on the grocery giant is to try and sell that Kroger is unsafe because one store in Ferguson had a bank robbery and one man was supposedly robbed at gun point at another store in Cincinnati.

One radio host however is challenging MDA andtelling them to stop bullying Kroger into turning their stores into gun free zones. In fact he’s encouraging gun owners to strap on their firearms (holstered of course) and shop at Kroger and the stores owned by them.

“It’s time people started standing up to groups like Moms Demand Action and send a strong message to them that their bullying tactics won’t be tolerated. I applaud Kroger for standing up to them and following what state laws dictate and not the rules MDA wants to have. If you don’t like Kroger allowing people to legally carry guns into their stores then go shop someplace else instead of trying to force them into agreeing with your point of view,” said Nohl Rosen who is a radio host with Cat Galaxy in Phoenix and also a producer with Breaking News Journal as well.

Rosen says he often open carries into Fry’s and has never had an incident nor has he seen any kind of panic happen as a result. He also feels that it should be the business owner that decides what’s best for their business and not any group. If given the chance Rosen says he would be willing to debate MDA’s founder Shannon Watts whose group is backed by Michael Bloomberg over the issue of guns but says she’d be severely outnumbered.

“I guess that Ms. Watts didn’t get the memo that there are more people who carry a gun in this country than those who don’t. It seems to me that the gun grabbers’ plan of creating more gun free zones in this country will do nothing more than make crime a safer occupation for the criminals. Is it safe to say that MDA supports crime? It certainly seems that way by the way they’re acting. I for one will continue to to carry my gun and refuse to be a statistic. I also continue to stand up and defend the Second Amendment as well,” Rosen added.

Rosen is producing and hosting a show called The Highest Caliber which will air on BNJ’s TV channel next year. The show will feature gun reviews, range reviews, gun related products, and also talk about the Second Amendment.

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