Daughter Of Ray Charles Chooses Independent Media Outlet To Broadcast Her Concerts

Sheila Raye Charles, the daughter of music legend Ray Charles has signed on board with independent media outlet Breaking News Journal to broadcast her concerts and also produce and air her life story as well.

Sheila Raye Charles, the daughter of music icon Ray Charles has signed on board with Breaking News Journal to allow the independent media outlet to not only web stream her live performances (including pay per view events) but also to chronicle her life story as she tours the world. Charles just returned to the United States from France after appearing on the music TV show Rising Star M6 (the French version of American Idol) and is preparing for concer performances in both Tennessee and in Kentucky. The first performance will be the Stand In The Gap concert in Cumberland Gap, TN (Exit 141 & I-75, near Caryville) on November 8th. Then on November 9th Charles will head to Horse Creek Baptist Church in Manchester, KY. Then on December 31st Charles will appear at His Mercy Church in New Bedford, Massachusetts.

There’s no doubt Charles will continue her father’s legacy of music by performing his songs she also will be singing some of her own. But her path to fame and fortune hasn’t been easy as she suffered with a 20 year addiction to crack cocaine, lost custody of her 5 children and spent 4 years in federal prison. However, Charles mentions that despite falling far she reached out to God for help. That moment is when she not only found strength but she also eventually got clean and sober.

As you probably saw in the movie Ray, Sheila’s father also battled a drug addiction as well. He, like his daughter also eventually got clean but unlike her father, she tells her stories of struggle to others to give them hope. One passion Charles has is to visit some of the prisons and through her One Way Up Minstry talks to inmates who think they have no hope in the outside world once they leave. Charles tries to make the inmates see that though you may have made some bad choices in life that you can have success when you get out, but you have to be willing to make the right one and it involves asking God for help. Besides the prisons Charles also goes to around the country and visits churches to share both her story and songs with those congregations as well.

Before Charles life took a downturn, she was pursuing a musical career just like her father did. And while her life was faced with obstacles, Sheila is back on track to becoming a musical sensation. She’s written a book and has even recorded an album and yes she does have the same talent for music her father did so audiences can expect a real treat when she performs live on stage. Right now she is mixing it up a little between public and private events. When Sheila performs full blown concerts her crowds have been getting larger. Nonetheless, Charles remains grounded with her ministry and her belief in God.

Now, Charles is ready to write a new chapter in her life yet again and with a new opportunity. Last year she won an International Music and Entertainment Association (IMEA) award for best Christian Song with We Are Hope, which is something Sheila is passionate about giving, hope. It’s her belief in God that keeps her moving forward and she’s obviously moving in the right direction because she’s in demand and has picked up where she left off in regards to her music career. Not much was known about the children of Ray Charles because they were brushed to the side, but Sheila is here to show that not only do they exist but they’ve worked to keep their father’s legacy and his music going.

Sheila is proof that his music will continue so you can expect to see more of her especially now that she has joined forces with BNJ to have her performances aired as well as to have the outlet chronicle her life story. It’s also a big win for independent media as BNJ is showing that a smaller company can indeed compete on a higher level with media outlets that have thus dominated the entertainment and news industries. And Charles isn’t the only name that is now taking an interest in the company. Other notables like former NFL player Ickey Woods have also taken an interest on doing projects with the company which is set to launch its own TV channel in 2015. All that can be said is to keep watching.

For more information about Breaking News Journal call them at 702-260-4849.




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