Radio Host’s Debate Challenge To Moms Demand Action Leader About Guns Is Ignored

Nohl Rosen, a radio host from Phoenix has issued a challenge to Shannon Watts, the leader of the Bloomberg backed gun control group Moms Demand Action to a debate on guns. So far, Watts has chosen to meet the challenge with nothing but silence.

It seems that the head mom of the Michael Bloomberg backed gun control group Moms Demand Action is answering one Phoenix gun owner’s challenge to a live public debate about guns with silence. Yes, Shannon Watts is choosing not to answer the challenge laid down by radio host Nohl Rosen to debate over the issue of guns.

“Ms. Watts loves to beat the drums of gun control in front of the cameras and when she’s surrounded by only her supporters as well as reporters, but when she’s challenged by someone that disagrees with her she apparently runs away or becomes silent. She and her mob of moms have put out a lot of propaganda claiming that gun control is the answer to solving crime and gun owners aren’t buying it. If she really believes that gun control will stop the criminals and will save lives then now is her chance to prove her case in a fair forum. You can expect I’ll be defending the Second Amendment and showing that having a gun can help save your life. Nonetheless, Watts needs to either put up or shut up,” Rosen said.

Gun owners across the United States are expressing their interest in the debate but are doubtful that Watts will agree to attending such an event. Some of them have called Watts a coward and feel she won’t bring any facts to the debate so that is why she choosing not to answer. MDA has put out a lot of propaganda regarding gun control and even Watts herself has produced her own spin on the issue so it’s amazing that she would remain silent when asked if she’s willing to debate on the issue of guns. Watts has made the claim that she isn’t against guns yet she is leading a group that wants to take them away from those who carry responsibly and infringe on the Second Amendment. She’s tried to deny those claims.

“We’re in no way anti-gun. We support the Second Amendment. My grandfathers were in fact World War II veterans who were very avid hunters. We are about the responsibilities that go along with the right of the Second Amendment and that includes things like background checks,” said Watts in an interview with earlier this year.

Watts has been showing her ignorance and it’s pretty clear that there is no mention of background checks under the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution. Also, for her to say she nor MDA aren’t anti-gun would be false. Her actions and those of her mad mom mafia have been to try and disarm responsible carrying citizens. The group’s latest efforts include trying to bully Kroger into turning their stores into gun free zones. She and her MDA followers have been attacking the grocery giant on the fact that they allow open carry in their stores while Kroger has stated they wish to follow the state laws where they operate stores. This isn’t sitting well with Watts or MDA who seem to feel that it shouldn’t be up to the business owner to decide their own policy on whether or not they allow customers that responsibly carry to come into their establishment. To pressure the grocery retailer, MDA has taken put out attack ads on TV, published in local newspapers, advertised on radion, and posted on social media. They’ve also protested outside a few stores and several online sources have stated that they have shown up with armed security which one might view as rather hypocritical since they’re advocating gun control.

Still, Kroger has said NO and has fought them. Rosen is also leading a counter protest in support of Kroger and rallied gun owners to continue to support them and still carry their guns as they normally would per state law and according to the Second Amendment. The effort appears to have been successful without the need of too much fanfare since many gun owners are aware of state gun laws and usually will follow them despite the fact that the Second Amendment is the main law of the land. And businesses aren’t the only thing MDA is targeting, they also involved themselves along with Everytown for Gun Safety another gun grabbing group in the push to get I-594 pushed in Washington state. Yes, just what we need is more universal background checks which don’t even do anything to deter the bad guys or stop them from getting guns because as stated before, criminals don’t go through background checks.

Despite losing the fight on the federal level because the next session of Congress will be controlled by the GOP, Watts and her band are making the claim that they’re some large political force just because they supported I-594 and it passed. Yes, Watts and her crew are trying to make a meal out of an hor d’ouevre and along with the other gun grabbers are now targeting Nevada as their next state they want to have gun control in. Good luck with that because early opinions from gun owners and supporters are saying they won’t get anywhere.

Rosen says he intends to keep fighting for the Second Amendment and to defend an individual’s right to carry a firearm.

“The Second Amendment shall not be infringed and should be the only law we recognize when it comes to guns in this country and the citizens have a right to carry one. Gun control is nothing more than an attempt to take away those rights. It also gives criminals the edge and would leave ordinary citizens defenseless against them. The only thing that can stop a criminal is an armed citizen with a gun. Besides the only gun control I prefer is being able to handle my own firearm,” Rosen added.

He says that despite the fact that he doesn’t agree with gun control, he says that if Watts does agree to a live public debate that she will be treated fairly and given equal time to present her position. Rosen is a radio host with Cat Galaxy as well as a local small business owner.

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