Radio Host’s Message About Racism Gives Hope To Another That Listened

One radio host’s message about racial division in this country has slowly started to resonate with those that viewed and listened to it despite the mainstream media’s refusal to even broadcast it or listen to it. Nohl Rosen who recorded his thoughts about how he felt about the riots in Ferguson seemed give hope to at least one person that saw it online a little hope.

“I have a very scared 6yo who is bullied by a racist town. I had no idea how to help him. Your video is a great start. I am beyond grateful you recorded how you feel. I needed that my family needed that. A message that’s life changing,” said the follower on Twitter that called themselves Mercy 5555.

While Rosen hasn’t gotten a lot of responses about the video but he said it truly made him feel good that someone saw something special in it even though the mainstream media doesn’t care to hear the words or air the message.

“It’s nice that I could make a difference like that. We need to stop seeing ourselves as white or black people in this country and start seeing ourselves as the American people. The reason we have so many problems regarding race in our country is because it has been made an issue. We’re also having problems because we have a lot of people turning away from God instead of turning towards him. I guess people forgot that part of the Pledge Of Allegiance which states ‘one nation under God, indivisible,” Rosen said.

Rosen says he isn’t very religious but he does believe in the almighty. He also mentioned that while the mainstream media wasn’t interested in what he had to say, a few independent media outlets did post about it.

“It’s pretty obvious that the old and stale mainstream media in this country has no interest in airing the video because it isn’t trendy, it isn’t one giant angry rant that’s causing chaos and the words weren’t coming from a famous celebrity. The large media in this country has tunnel vision which is why independent outlets are starting to gain ground and will continue to do so,” Rosen added.

And he ought to know since he joined the media revolution back in 2001 when Cat Galaxy first started broadcasting and now is also a producer with Breaking News Journal which is an independent media outlet which is getting ready to launch a TV channel in 2015. Rosen will be producing a show called the Highest Caliber which will focus on guns and the Second Amendment. He also will be involved in producing shows about cats as well when Cat Galaxy brings its internet TV for cats to BNJ’s online channel as well.

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