Pro Law Enforcement Rally To Happen In Scottsdale

A rally supporting law enforcement was recently held outside Phoenix PD Headquarters. Now another one is being planned to take place in Scottsdale.

There have been a lot of protests against the police these days but recently a pro law enforcement rally was held outside Phoenix Police Headquarters to show the nation that there are members of the community that support the police. Now another rally is being planned to happen in Scottsdale on January 17th 2015 in front of Scottsdale Police Headquarters located at 8401 E. Indian School Rd. It’s all a part of a movement called Rally For L.E. which hopes to show the rest of the country that there are people out there that support law enforcement and appreciate the work they do. The movement got started by Phoenix resident and local business owner Nohl Rosen who organized the rally outside Phoenix PD HQ and is also putting together the rally in Scottsdale.

“They lay their lives on the line everyday to keep our community safe and they deserve to be thanked. I wanted to let the members of law enforcement know that there are people in the community that appreciate and support them. It is our way of saying that we care. There have been a lot of protests in this country against the police, now it’s our turn,” Rosen said.

Rosen’s pro law enforcement stand has encouraged someone else to put together a rally in Houston which is happening this weekend in that city.

“The response after the demonstration in Phoenix was truly amazing. To know that we inspired someone else to host a rally in another city after they learned of ours in Phoenix is wonderful. Hopefully, this movement will continue. I’ve also heard from members of law enforcement and former members who are thankful for what has been started and it feels great to make a difference. We also have a long way to go as well and we’re off to a good start” Rosen said.

A Facebook page for Rally For L.E. has already been established which and in the few days that it has been up it has received almost 200 likes. You can find it online at

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