Breaking News Journal’s Jewish Reporters Seek Backing of Billionaire Sheldon Adelson: It Could Be The Perfect Match

Breaking News Journal, a worldwide media outlet based in the Las Vegas area is hoping to gain support from conservative billionaire Sheldon Adelson, the owner of the Venetian as well as other properties. Adelson is also a supporter of Israel which BNJ also believes in supporting and giving attention to. Could it be a good match?

April 24-26, 2015, Sheldon Adelson’s Ventian/Sands Hotel, along with the Republican Jewish Coalition, will host many Republican Candidates including Ted Cruz, Jeb Bush, and more who need fuel to finance their campaigns. In 2014, Mr. Adelson gave out over $30 Million to Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney. Breaking News Journal has a substantial group of dedicated Jewish Reporters/Film Radio Hosts and Producers who could have spread the messages more efficiently if they would have been supported by Mr. Adelson. Our people have a 10 Million people plus advantage over the viewing audience of Fox News, because they are not labeled or limited in what they produce.

“Mr. Adelson should suppport BNJ because we’re pro Israel, and cover news that not even Fox News can cover. Plus, BNJ is basesd in Las Vegas so the Venetian could have a good working relationship with a home grown media outlet with worldwide reach,” said Nohl Rosen, a producer with Breaking News Journal.

As Breaking News Journal prepares to launch the BNJ TV Channels on ROKU, Google Chrome and Amazon Fire, this is the time for Mr. Adelson to take advantage of the great opportunity to be on the ground floor to have his messages about Jewish Amercan/ Israeli National, Cultural, Food, Faith, Entertainment, and Education on film to show to show to Americans who may know little or nothing about that community. BNJ can highlight the many celebrities that will perform at Sand Corporation Facility World wide, and our teams can be stationed all over the world.

People are begging for this type of programming. BNJ can become Mr. Adelson’s own In House Media to cover him and his issues for the world to see.

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