Anarchist Seen Standing On The American Flag To Protest Against Patriotism & The USA


An anarchist wearing a Che Guevara shirt steps on the American flag while protesting against a patriotic Support The Flag rally that took place on July 5th in Phoenix.

On July 5th a Support The Flag rally took place outside a local Walmart in Phoenix and was organized by a group of local patriots. While the media focused on the Confederate battle flag those in support of the rally also carried American, Gadsden, Second Amendment, and even the Arizona flag to the event. Things were pretty peaceful until a group of anarchists showed up to protest the rally. The group calling itself Wave Of Action is known for protesting against patriotism, the flag, the Constitution, and yes even the police.

And while both sides got a bit heated, the news media seemed very reluctant to show a picture of one of the anarchists wearing a shirt featuring the Marxist Che Guevara and stepping all over the American flag. The question is why they didn’t show it? Yes, they did mention it but it became an after thought. Nonetheless, it was eventually snatched away by one of the people attending the rally. But this wasn’t the only day there was a glimpse of patriotism. One demonstration called a Wave Of Patriotism took place the day before on a street corner in Phoenix and was part of a national event. The news media never mentioned it, in fact they completely ignored it. Probably because it was peaceful and celebrated patriotism. Another Wave Of Patriotism event is being planned.

It’s important to note that while the news media doesn’t seem interested in posting the picture of the latest individual stomping on the flag, we thought it important to do what they failed to do and show the face of this un-Patriotic individual who has been seen not just at events like this but also has appeared at pro-law enforcement events to protest the police as well.  The Stand By The Flag rally did get media attention but it wasn’t accurate. They make mention of the guy stepping on Old Glory but a picture is worth a 1,000 words. And patriots that have seen it on Facebook and social media are of course outraged and upset.

There was a sign at the Wave Of Patriotism rally the day prior that said “Don’t like the flag? I hope you have an exit strategy?” that got a bit of attention from people that drove by the demonstration and one driver gave a thumbs up and took a picture of it. That statement sums things up pretty nicely. More people however need to start speaking out to show that patriotism is still alive and well in this country. There should be more demonstrations of it and more people standing up for the Constitution, the flag and most of all God. Wouldn’t you agree?

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