Save Cats Locally In Honor Of Japan Animal Victims

It was great to hear that some of the listeners of Cat Galaxy wanted to help the cats and other animal victims of the disaster that struck Japan. Some have asked if they can donate food while others wondered where to donate money. Of course our answer was simple, make a donation to a local no-kill animal rescue organization in the name of the animal victims of Japan.

Yes, animal rescue agencies in Japan are working hard to save the 4-legged lives from disaster stricken areas caused by the quake and tsunami and it’s hard not to offer help to them. However, now that kitten season is here animal shelters across the United States will be dealing with an even larger crisis, finding homes for all the cats and kittens that the their organizations will be taking in.

The devastation in Japan has left many cats and other animals homeless, leaving animal rescue agencies with the difficult task of having to either re-unite them with their human or to find homes for the ones that were simply left homeless and abandoned. No matter how you slice it, animal rescue agencies in Japan will still be helping animals long after the recovery is over. It’s understandable people want to help the animal victims there whether it’s donating money, food, supplies, and even their time. But what about helping in your own backyard?

When we proposed the idea to our listeners of donating to local no-kill animal rescue organizations in the name of the Japanese animal victims instead of sending resources over there, we got a few pat on the backs. Only one human thought it was unusual and didn’t make any sense. Of course animal shelters in the United States, especially when kitten season hits, are in a constant state of emergency. It takes food, water, and other supplies to keep the cats healthy. This means that it takes money which not only pays for feeding the cats but also for their visits to the veterinarian as well. This means the cats will need to be spayed and neutered, examined, given necessary vaccinations, treated for any medical issues, and of course microchipped. It’s an everyday necessity for your local shelters to keep these cats healthy, so they can be adopted into good and loving homes. Let’s also not forget the feral cats that also need help and it takes money and resources to have them trapped as well as spayed and neutered.

The bottom line is, by donating to your local no-kill animal shelter or rescue organization your playing an important role in helping the animals. Now you might ask how this helps the animals in Japan so here is a simple answer. Those in animal rescue are in a way a very large family. When you donate to one animal rescue group, you’re helping the cause of ensuring every cat or other animal getting a second chance at good, loving and forever home. There doesn’t have to be an earthquake or a tsunami as the reason to help them. The emergency happens everyday for the animal shelter right there in your own backyard. So if you want to honor the animal victims of Japan, the best place to start is right there at home.

We hope all of our listeners, readers, and viewers will join us in this effort in making a donation to a local no-kill animal rescue organization in honor of the animal victims of Japan.


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