Police Supporters And Patriots Stand Tall Against Black Lives Matter Movement In Phoenix

The Arizona State Capitol was the scene of a Black Lives Matter demonstration in Phoenix but counter-protesters made up of pro-police supporters and patriots were there to greet them to tell the racist and terrorist movement it isn’t welcome in Arizona.

Yesterday, the terrorist and racist known as Black Lives Matter held a demonstration in front of the Arizona State Capitol but the handful of them that showed up got more than bargained for when they were met with counter protesters made up of police supporters and patriots. So far, Black Lives Matter has met very little resistance in the cities they’ve marched in, but Phoenix wasn’t going to be on that list of ones they can claim victory in.

While the members of Black Lives Members that turned out shouted “Black lives matter” the opposing side was quick to respond with “all lives matter” which is something that suddenly yet momentarily silenced the Black Lives Matter members and supporters that turned out to celebrate the criminals they hold in such in high regard. Black Lives Matter also tried to claim they were marching in the name of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr by calling their protest The Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Black Lives Matter Rally which further shows they will use any name or event in order to push their racist and anti-cop narrative.

“I find it distasteful that they’d try to equate what they were doing to the same stand Dr. King took for civil rights. He was a uniter, not a divider and didn’t march for the rights of just one group. He marched for the rights of every American citizen regardless of their skin color or religion. MLK also didn’t advocate attacks and the killing of police officers or destroy entire communities when he demonstrated nor did he burn the American flag. I don’t think he’d support Black Lives Matter if he were alive to see it,” said Nohl Rosen of the pro-police movement Rally For L.E. that lead the counter-protest against Black Lives Matter in Phoenix.

Rosen said he came to the rally to show support for police officers who have become the target of attacks by Black Lives Matter and their supporters. He also said he wanted to show Black Lives Matter that their hateful rhetoric isn’t welcome in Arizona.

“It’s time many people showed support for our police officers who risk their lives everyday to make sure our community is kept safe. They also need to stand up to Black Lives Matter and other groups that have bullied and terrorized entire communities across the nation to push their hateful and destructive agenda. It’s time to take our country back and put an end to Black Lives Matter once and for all,” Rosen added.

Another point made by those that came out to counter-protest Black Lives Matter was that it was also time to put George Soros, Barack Obama and others that have supported Black Lives Matter on notice and to state that their days in power are numbered. Last year the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) joined Black Lives Matter as well which further solidified Black Lives Matter’s terrorist ties.

Overall, it was very clear that Black Lives Matter is being shown the door in Arizona and there are people indeed willing to oppose them. If only the rest of the country would wake up and be willing to take a stand as well. One thing’s for sure, Black Lives Matter will be seeing a lot more Thin Blue Line flags this year as one was very proudly waved yesterday to let law enforcement know that there are citizens that have their backs. Both sides demonstrating however were peaceful but a clear message was sent by those that stood against Black Lives Matter that it’s time for the racist movement pack up and leave.

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