Pro-Police Movement Leader Supports Marsha Hill In Race For Maricopa County Sheriff

Nohl Rosen, the founder of the pro-police movement Rally For L.E. has come out in support of Marsha Hill to be the new top cop in Maricopa County. Here he is in a recent picture supporting the members of the Arizona DPS.

While many in Arizona have focused on the race for President and for the United States Senate, one local race being overlooked is the race for Sheriff of Maricopa County and one candidate just got an endorsement which could be a slight game changer as the August 30th’s primary looms closer. Nohl Rosen, the founder of Rally For L.E., a pro-police movement has decided to endorse Marsha Hill for Sheriff putting him at definite odds with those he knows that are staunch Joe Arpaio supporters.

“Yes, I have had some lively discussions about the race for Sheriff with some people I would consider friends that staunchly support Arpaio. At one time I was an Arpaio supporter but I just can’t support him anymore. I feel as a citizen that a change is needed at the MCSO and that he’s not fit to lead it anymore.  I feel Marsha will bring integrity into the job and that the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office will definitely stand to benefit as a result. Being Sheriff shouldn’t be about camera time, theatrics or hero worship, it should be about doing the job and being held accountable for your actions. Hill believes in accountability and that’s pretty important in my opinion because the voters should know what’s going in the MCSO and not have to hear about a problem on the 10pm news,” Rosen said.

However, while Rosen supports Hill he does respect Arpaio’s lengthy career in law enforcement and mentions that he do some good for the MCSO like creating the Animal Cruelty Enforcement Unit, the MASH Unit and Tent City. Of course, Rosen also mentions that his choice of backing Hill also was because he saw how she intends on running the MCSO.

“She’s stated that she wants to run the department like a business. One of her plans is to shrink the command staff a bit and take the money that’s saved there and hire more deputies. She also wants to make sure the deputies that need it also get training on the Constitution and wants to give help to personnel that suffer from PTSD which is high among law enforcement right now. She also believes in the Second Amendment and is against any kind of federalization of police not to mention is against illegal immigration,” He added.

Right now Hill is fighting a grass roots effort to unseat Arpaio and Rosen says that people should get to know her and that the local media might want to talk to her as well as the other candidates running for Sheriff.

“Arpaio has definitely has name recognition, but the voters should have the right to hear about the other candidates. I feel Marsha would make an excellent Sheriff. She’s worked along side of them for a good number years, knows the command structure and would work hard to get to know the community that she’d serve as Sheriff. She does care about people and I think she’d be leading from the front and not the back,” Rosen added.

For more about Marsha Hill and her run for Sheriff visit her campaign’s web site or call 602-774-2774.

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