Candidate For Maricopa County Sheriff Challenges Arpaio To Debate

Marsha Hill, a Republican candidate for Maricopa County Sheriff has challenged the incumbent Sheriff Joe Arpaio a debate on the issues. However, is he brave enough to accept the challenge?

It looks like things are heating up in the race for the top law enforcement position in Maricopa County. Maricopa County Sheriff candidate Marsha Hill is challenging Sheriff Joe Arpaio to a “debate on issues facing Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office in light of federal court orders relating to Melendres case,” according to R.J. Morris, a member of Hill’s campaign management team.

Morris says Hill is also challenging Arpaio and all county sheriffs in Arizona to “do the right thing and provide deputies for polling places to prevent ‘vote harvesting’ – which is now a felony.

County Recorder Helen Purcell has said she is not equipped to enforce this part of the law, leaving voter frauds free to pursue that enterprise without fear of enforcement.

“Take some initiative Sheriffs of Arizona! Enforce the Law, please,” the Hill campaign further stated.

The question now remains, will Arpaio be brave enough to accept Hill’s challenge to a debate?

You can find out more about Marsha Hill’s run for Sheriff at

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