A Sad Day For Cat Galaxy: Icarus Passes Away

Icarus, Cat Galaxy’s station manager passed away today marking an end to an era for the famed radio station for cats. Icarus joined the station in 2004 and often appeared on many of the broadcasts

It is with deep regret to announce that Cat Galaxy has lost one of its own today. Icarus, Cat Galaxy’s station manager passed away due to complications with a urinary tract infection and blockage. Icarus joined the staff at Cat Galaxy 12 years ago and was instrumental in the station’s day to day operations and often appeared in news segments and on various shows. Icarus’ human said he died while being transported to the vet.

“I loved him so much and I’m pretty heartbroken right now. He was a special cat and like Isis and Jade he will be missed. Now they’re all back together on the other side,” said station founder Nohl Rosen.

Isis, was famously known to be responsible for the idea of the radio station for cats which began broadcasting 15 years ago and was the very first station manager. She passed away 3 years ago. Jade became assistant manager after joining the staff in 2002 and then passed away in 2008. There’s no word on whether or not more cats will be coming on board or when an on air memorial will take place for Icarus but it is a possibility. Rosen did however mention that there will probably be a new generation of cats joining the staff to take over where Icarus left off but right now time is being taken to mourn the loss.

For more about Cat Galaxy, you can find the station online at www.catgalaxymedia.com.

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