Trump Supporter’s Answer To Progressive Goes Viral On Social Media

When a progressive poster on Facebook began attacking Donald Trump, one of his supporters came up with an answer that might be one of the most sensible and clever responses yet.

One Trump supporter’s answer to a progressive who decided to post why they don’t like the Republican nominee for President has gone viral. And the post was written by the least likely of all people, pro-police supporter and Wickenburg, AZ businessman Nohl Rosen. Rosen is an independent that supports Trump and he had a clear response to those who don’t like him. It reads:

“I had to say this because it’s obvious the people that hate Trump aren’t basing it on anything logical or even factual. Apparently he’s a threat to you progressives so I think must ask what the real reason is why you don’t like him.

What don’t you like about Trump? Is it his wanting to bring jobs back to the United States so our economy is strong again? Is it his wanting wanting to get rid of Obama’s failed plans? Is it his wanting to have Hillary answer for her crimes? Is it his support of law enforcement? Is it his wanting to build the wall so we have protection at the border? Is it his wanting the United States Constitution to matter again? Is it his wanting to destroy terrorists? Is it his success? Is it his wanting to lower taxes? Is it his wanting to get rid of the Affordable Care Act? Is it his wanting to have these people coming from terrorist nations actually vetted? Is it his wanting a strong military again? Is it his support of Israel?

I guess when you’re a liberal or progressive those things are probably the reasons one probably wouldn’t like Trump. After all, when people don’t feel like working or think the government should be given so much power the people don’t have rights then a guy like Trump would probably seem pretty bad to the progressives. After all progressives believe in government actually having the right to decide for us so the Constitution doesn’t matter anymore. And it’s the progressives that have no problem allowing our country to be turned into a dictatorship on the promise that they get free crap even though it isn’t really free.

I say those that don’t vote for Trump must decide if they truly want this country to be great again or have a chance for prosperity. The progressives don’t want to work and they sure as hell don’t want God to even matter in this country so they try to erase him from everything. If that’s the case all the progressives better start dumping their money and moving from the United States because God still matters here. After all, the words “In God We Trust” is stamped or etched on all of our money.

I’ll never get the people who dislike Trump and not base it on any of his plans but instead will base it on what the bullshit, biased lamestream media says. Then again, the lamestream media is supportive of Hillary and therefore believes in selling the American people lies in order to distract us from the real issues. That’s why they ignore all the criminal stuff Hillary does and attack Trump using a video of something that was said 11 years ago. Why? Because that’s all they have left to attack him on. The truth is, Trump has been stating how many people feel in this country and it’s fact as opposed to fiction which is what the progressives believe. Lies to them is truth because they choose to believe it.

What will you do when Trump wins? Will you leave the country? Will you rebel or stomp your feet and cry that all your so-called free benefits will be ending? Or will you rejoice because you have someone that isn’t a politician in office actually has a chance to jump-start the economy again where people are working again and thus able to provide for themselves and their families again?

I’ve learned that the ones that don’t like Trump don’t base it on anything except what the lamestream media tells them. Is that what you’re basing your reason on for not liking Trump like the millions of other progressives do? That’s usually why they don’t like him. Maybe they realize their free ride is over.  So, what is you real reason as to why you don’t like him other than to say you don’t like him? If you want things to get better in this country you’d better hope he wins because with Hillary you’ll get 4 more years of Obama or worse.”

It may not be the best way to defend Trump but it certainly nails it, don’t you think?

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