Recall Effort Against Maricopa County Sheriff Paul Penzone Being Planned

A recall effort is being planned to hopefully remove current Maricopa County Sheriff Paul Penzone from office.

After already serving a short time in office as Maricopa County Sheriff, a recall committee is already being formed against Sheriff Paul Penzone. A committee is usually one of the first steps needed to begin a recall effort against a candidate but according to Arizona law you can’t file a recall effort to oust a candidate for 6 months after they are sworn into office.

“Right now it’s all in the planning stages so when the necessary waiting period is over we can begin collecting signatures and filing the necessary paperwork needed for recall. It’s all about being prepared and being ready to go when the time comes,” said Nohl Rosen who is leading the grass roots recall effort.

Rosen, a local business owner and founder of the pro-police movement Rally For Law Enforcement says that Penzone isn’t who should be leading the MCSO especially after his recent stand on illegal immigration.

“Sheriff Penzone has referred to illegal immigrants as guests which is absolutely wrong. They aren’t guests, they’re criminals. If you cross into this country illegally then you’re breaking the law. A Sheriff’s first duty is to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States and I don’t feel our new Sheriff has any interest in doing that. You might say I have no confidence that Sheriff Penzone will enforce the law, especially when it comes to illegal immigration,” Rosen added.

There are other reasons for Sheriff Penzone’s removal like dismantling one of the posses, the closing of Tent City and George Soros donating money to his campaign, but illegal immigration seems to be at the forefront. It has been reported that dozens of illegal immigrants have already been released before Sheriff Penzone reached a slight compromise with ICE.

A meeting of the committee to recall Sheriff Penzone is expected to be announced soon. A Facebook page for the recall effort has been created so people can get more up to date information. You can find it at

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