Release Of Illegal Immigrants From MCSO Custody Could Add Fuel To Sheriff Penzone Recall

Requested information released by the MCSO could give added fuel to the planned recall effort of Sheriff Paul Penzone.

After announcing that a recall of Maricopa County Sheriff Penzone will take place at some point this year, we thought we’d get the real scoop on the arrest records of illegal immigrants released by the MCSO. Apparently, but not surprising the lamestream media didn’t seem too interested in reporting the true numbers of illegals that were arrested and then released by the MCSO or even the nature of their crimes that they were originally arrested for. Yes, crossing into the country illegally is a crime but we wanted to show the additional charges.

In the interest of fairness we decided to request the records from the MCSO regarding the recent release of illegals from the jails and what their crimes were. We’d like to thank the MCSO for providing the records upon request. So, here are the records regarding the arrests and release of 240 illegals from the 4th Avenue Jail over the last few months. The record is about 10 pages. Do you think this could spell trouble for Sheriff Penzone and be a good reason for recall? It’s possible but we thought we’d let the public decide. There is now a planned recall effort underway to get him removed from office. We have linked the record for your convenience. This will require enlarging it a bit.





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