Small Service Business Week Encourages Consumers To Shop Local

Have you encouraged your human to shop local this holiday season? Does the scratching post your human purchased for you say “Made In China” on it and fell apart after only a few months of use? December 12 – 18 is Small Service Business Week and it’s pretty much the purrfect time to shop those local small businesses where “Made In The USA” is still a cornerstone. In fact, local service based businesses are may be the only ones that now can say they are a product of this country.

Unlike Small Business Saturday which was started by American Express (a big company), Small Service Business Week was started in 2010 by Panther TEK, a local computer repair company in Phoenix which saw that small businesses that sell service as their main product were being overlooked during the holiday season. In fact, many consumers are unaware that they can purchase gift certificates for services like computer repair, web design, pet sitting, landscaping, plumbing, and yes even veterinary. All the customer  has to do is ask if they sell them.

There are many different service based businesses that could use a boost during the holiday season. It’s not only buying local at its core but also giving the gift of service to someone on your holiday wish list could be one of the most used items. Everyone at some time in their lives needs or uses someone else’s services. Even cats regularly use the services of humans to cater to their needs.

There are many situations where the services of another are valuable assets and that you’d gladly pay to use them. If you have a computer problem (or if your human has it) and you don’t have the patience to solve it yourself, you’ll most certainly call a professional technician that does. If you’re feeling under the weather, no doubt your human will call the veterinarian which of course will help cure you of the illness. Service based businesses are everywhere.

During the holiday season, these types of businesses see somewhat of a decline and yet these are the same type of entities that tend to your needs throughout the year. If you don’t need them now there is always someone you know that does. Purchasing a gift certificate from a service based business might be a great present for them and fulfills one of their needs. It also helps keep the doors of a local small business open and of course the economy moving in the right direction when you spend money at these types of companies. Yes, for every $100 spent at a local small business $70 – $80 gets put back into the local economy. That means more jobs, more choices for consumers, and more opportunities for others to start their own business.

There’s also another benefit to giving the gift of service this holiday season, it is a unique gift item that is plentiful and easy to obtain. In many instances you can walk into these establishments and purchase a gift certificate or gift card without standing in long lines. In Panther TEK’s case,¬† you can buy a gift certificate by calling them on the phone and they’ll be able to send it electronically or deliver it anywhere in the Phoenix metro area. They’ll also happily mail it to you as well. And yes, like many small businesses they even accept credit cards as payment.

So, give the gift of service this holiday season and help local businesses survive. It’s a great way to give back economically and they can continue to serve your needs. Happy Holidays!

For more information about Panther TEK, if you need computer help or want to know more about Small Business Service Week give them a call at 480-980-8541.



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