Shelter For Cats Faces Closure Due To Lack Of Funds

It has become a special place for a lot of cats to stay until they find their forever home, but now because of the economy, Safe Haven For Animals may have to close their shelter doors. This leaves many of the cats currently calling the shelter home with an uncertain future. While the threat of closing down looms due to lack of donations, the organization’s  volunteers are fighting to save the shelter. It’s not just money that is needed to keep things going, but a new location for the organization and its feline residents would help make things much easier. Currently, the shelter is located inside a single family home which is in need of repair. The worst part of the equation is the fact that Safe Haven currently pays $1,100 per month to rent a space that is falling apart just to make sure that the cats have a roof over their heads.

Despite the lack of funding, the organization’s volunteers have worked tirelessly to make sure that the cats are well cared for. Even with the threat of closure they still continue to press on to make sure the cats have everything they need like food, water, veterinary care, and love until they’re adopted. Safe Haven is a no-kill facility which means cats aren’t euthanized due to lack of space or illnesses which can easily be treated. The cats currently calling Safe Haven home are free to stay as long as it takes for them to get adopted. Currently 40 – 45 cats are housed at the facility with another 7 – 10 being housed off-site in foster care. While some humans think having two cats is a small expense, imagine caring for over 50 of them.

The cats at Safe Haven were rescued from many different circumstances. Some were rescued from the euthanasia list at Maricopa County Animal Care & Control, others were strays or saved from homes being foreclosed on. In the 8 years it has operated, Safe Haven has saved lives and if it were to close down, many of it’s residents could possibly face euthanasia which is something Safe Haven volunteers don’t want to have happen or even think about. They love the cats and are battling to prevent them from becoming another euthanasia statistic.

For those that have never been to Safe Haven, it’s a great place to visit if you’re a cat lover. It’s not a public shelter and if you want to adopt, you have to make an appointment but well worth the time. Being that it’s a cage-less facility you can sit amongst the cats and let them come to you. There are no cats in glass enclosures or metal cages in this place which a allows you the freedom of interaction with them. There’s nothing better than sitting in a room full of cats and having them surround you demanding attention. Even if you don’t adopt, simply being amongst the cats will compel you to want to volunteer or even donate. One visit and you’ll see why the volunteers are fighting to save it.

It would be a shame to see Safe Haven close especially when so many cats need help and could be saved if they remained open. The economy may be threatening its closure, but if more humans step forward to donate money this magical place has a real chance to keep helping cats for years to come. Of course, if it closes then it will be a blow to the animal rescue community as there are very few animal rescue organizations in the Phoenix metro area that deal exclusively with adopting out cats.  I guess the big question we must ask ourselves is not what we can do to help, but what will we do to help? All in all, Safe Haven and the cats are worth saving.

If you would like to help Safe Haven visit their web site at





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