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  1. Colleen Shannon says:

    I watched the commercial and thought, how can these “ad people” be so uninformed in todays world? We had three large dogs and nine cats ( also three hens) the dogs loved the cats, protected them, washed them, they all ate together and slept together (even with the hens). Not all dogs kill cats. Our female doberman thought the kittens and adult cats were her babies and acted as their mother always bathing and playing with them. They acted as a group, the dogs barking at whatever in the ally and the cats right there with them. But, I suppose that would not “sell” as well as a murder and bribe for silence. Showing any mixed group, getting along as family, that is supposed to be “enemies” is unpopular, WHY? It is not always ture! Sorry if I ramble on.

    • catprotector says:

      Thanks for writing Colleen. Yes, many people remain clueless to the plight of animal cruelty and turn a blind eye to it. We’ve heard from people that think the Doritos commercial is no big deal and those that are upset about it should just get a life. Pretty much they resort to personal attacks. How so many people can be desensitized to the issue that killing a cat is wrong is pretty sad. Yes, that commercial also does stereotype that all dogs are vicious and kill cats.

      The ones that laugh at commercials like this need therapy or their heads examined. The commercial wasn’t funny and we’re hearing from many people that feel the same way. Some of the stories are heartbreaking as some of them have lost cats to dog attacks or fell victim to cruel humans that thought it is amusing to abuse them.

      We hope you’ll spread the word about the boycott to others. Together, we can make a difference.

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