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Straying Cats Cat Galaxy Links

Welcome to the Feline Friendlies page. This page presents Web listings of local no-kill shelters and organizations that help rescue and provide a safe haven for our feline friends in the Phoenix area. You can also find information on this page about feline rescue events as well. If you wish to have your rescue organization listed here, feel free to email us here at the station. Meow!

 Local Cat Rescue Hosts Back In Black Adoption Event


Back In Black is more than just an AC'/DC song but a 32 day animal adoption event lasting from August 15th - September 17th. Unlike Black Cat Adoption Monththis event covers all 4-legged animals with black cats often getting the worst of the deal. Often times black cats are overlooked at the shelters because of their color, superstition or some other reason by humans. Local participating animal rescue organizations such as Safe Haven are offering 50% off their normal fee for black and tuxedo cats during the event. Back In Black was originally started by Best Friends Animal Society located in Utah.

Cat & Kitten Food Drive To Help Local Rescue


Visit the Panther TEK web site for more information on their cat and kitten food drive to help out Arizona Safe Haven For Animals. The food collected will go to feed all the cats and kittens in their care. 


Cat Galaxy To Broadcast Monthly Cat Health Segments
Is your human constantly wondering what do medically when you felines come down with an illness? Are they in need of advice when your cat-like ways just simply baffle them? Beginning this month, Cat Galaxy will be broadcasting monthly segments on cat health and care with  Dr. Aubrey Pruitt DVM from Four Peaks Animal Clinic in Scottsdale. Human listeners will be able to ask questions via email or Skype chat during the broadcast and hopefully get an answer about their cat's health or issue they may be facing.
"We are very honored to have Dr. Pruitt come back into the studio with us once a month to do these broadcasts. Feline health and care is important and there are so many illnesses that cats face every day and it helps to know what to do in an emergency situation. It'll be nice for the human listeners to be able to get advice from such a skilled vet," said Nohl Rosen of Cat Galaxy.
Four Peaks Animal Clinic is located at 8776 E. Shea Blvd, Suite B-7. That is just west of the 101 freeway and Shea in Pima Crossing. You can also contact them at 480-778-1770.

Spaying & Neutering Is A Good Thing

Meet Scottie, the cat whose human named Candace wanted to make sure the message got out about spaying and neutering your cat. We think the above is a great message. Many shelters in the Phoenix area were filled to capacity with felines because of unwanted litters. By having a cat spayed or neutered you can prevent more cats from being dumped by humans into shelters and in the streets as well as have a happier and healthier cat. Thanks for the message Scotty.

For low cost spay/neuter help visit the Spay/Neuter Hotline web site or call 602-265-2279. The Spay/Neuter Hotline is a program of the Animal Defense League of Arizona.  

When Emergency Strikes: Cat Evacuation Tips

With wildfire season now here, many humans still need to consider their cats or other animals as part of the evacuation plan. Here are a few tips one should have.

1. If called to evacuate your home, take your felines with you. Cats should never be left behind during an evacuation. 

2. Make sure the cat's carrier is an easy to reach place so if you are asked to evacuate it can be grabbed easily. Also be aware of all the cat's hiding spots around the house. A frightened feline will tend to hide in spots that comfort them like under beds, in closets, etc. Knowing where your cat's favorite spots are makes it easy to find them during an evacuation.

3. Prepare a kit for your cat's care such as food, water, food and water dish, bandages, litterbox, cat litter, and a toy or two. Also remember to pack their veterinary records, medication, brushes and anything else the cat would need. 

4. Keep numbers of local animal rescue organizations handy. Some animal rescues might have emergency shelters set up for animals having to evacuate because of fire or other disaster.

Cats & Foster Homes: A Purrfect Solution To Help Rescues

Did you know that cats also need foster homes too? This form of volunteering is sometimes overlooked and by fostering a cat or kitten you are helping to clear space at a shelter for cats that need it while at the same time preparing a cat for adoption. Because of cat and kitten season, many rescue organizations are taking in a large number of cats and kittens. Besides the ones listed on this page in the Phoenix area that ask for help we also get requests from feline rescue organizations outside of Arizona like Community Concern 4 Cats in Walnut Creek, CA which asked us to pass the word that they too are in need of foster homes for cats in that area. So, if you have the space and would also like to open your heart and home to a cat that needs it that would indeed purrfect. Contact your local shelter today for more information on fostering a cat today.

AHS & Silent Witness Help Abused Cats

Cats that are victims of abuse by humans will now get help in the form of a phone call. The Arizona Humane Society has teamed up with Silent Witness so those humans who witness a case of abuse against a feline can report it. 

Humans with information regarding another human mistreating or abusing a cat can call 480-WITNESS. If the information also leads to the arrest and conviction of the person, the AHS & Silent Witness will pay up to a $5,000 reward to the individual that reported incident. 

The following organizations are making a difference in rescuing felines. Feel free to visit them today!

Sun Valley Animal Shelter

Sun Valley is a no-kill, non-profit, organization in Glendale, AZ which works to save cats and dogs in the Sun City and Glendale Area. They also partner with other shelters in the Phoenix area to give cats a second chance at adoption.

Arizona Humane Society

One of the largest rescue organizations in the Phoenix area. The Arizona Humane Society rescues both cats and dogs. They also have low-cost/spay neuter clinics, mobile adoptions, emergency animal medical technicians (EAMT's), as well as other services for the animals.

Maricopa County Animal Care & Control

Offers cats and dogs for adoption, human-animal bind programs and low-cost spay/neuter clinics. Also offers low cost vaccination clinics for animals and mobile adoptions as well.

Foothills Animal Rescue

Foothills is a no-kill facility that provides shelter, care and adoption services for many  domestic cats and dogs that stray, become lost or are abandoned. Many of the animals rescued are fostered in volunteers homes until they are adopted or their humans are located.

Arizona Animal Welfare League

AAWL is Arizona's oldest no-kill shelter. They provide shelter for cats and other animals as long as it is needed to find them a home. They also rescue animals that are on the euthanasia list giving them a second chance at finding a good and loving home.

Sun Cities 4 Paws Rescue

Rescues cats and other animals in the Sun City area. Animals are fostered at volunteer homes, the shelter, and at their thrift center which serves as the intake facility. Animals that are rescued are also given the necessary veterinary care until they are placed in adoptive homes.

Friends For Life

A non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing cats and other animals. They also have programs which focus on spay/neuter, adoptions, and education in order to solve the overpopulation problem.

Cats Meow

Places cats awaiting adoption in foster homes. They look for suitable homes for cats that are abused, homeless, and unwanted. 

Arizona Feline Network

Facilitates the rescue and adoption of cats and kittens. They also help rescue special needs felines as well and offer them for adoption to good and loving homes.


Rescues cats and dogs from the euthanasia list and attempts to place them in good and loving homes.

Noah's Ark 

A network of volunteers that foster cats and other animals until they are adopted into good and loving homes. Their focus is to end euthanasia of adoptable cats and dogs and promote spay & neuter programs.

Altered Tails

Works to create low cost spay/neuter of cats in the Phoenix area in order to help end the overpopulation problem.

Benji's Buddies

Rescues and works to place cats and dogs in permanent loving homes. They also help save animals from the AC&C euthanasia list and attempts to give them a second chance at finding a forever home.

Paw Placement

Their mission is to end euthanasia of cats and dogs at local shelters. They also work to find good and loving homes them within the Phoenix metro area.

Safe Haven For Animals

A non-profit, no-kill organization located in the Phoenix area that provides foster care and adoption services for cats and dogs. 

Animals Benefit Club

A no-kill, non profit animal rescue organization located in North Phoenix which finds homes for cats and dogs.

Spay/Neuter Hotline

Provides resources for low cost spaying and neutering services fpr cats and other animals throughout Maricopa County.