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It's always a scary time for a cat when they're brought into a shelter. There's new cats to meet and one more shot at a new home. For the cats at Safe Haven For Animals they often find themselves stuck in transition. For the human volunteers it's one more chance to make life a bit easier on those cats that are waiting to find a new home.   In our newest series The Street Cats Of Phoenix: The Cats Of Safe Haven you'll not only hear the stories about the cats themselves but also see just how tough it is to run a no-kill shelter where 50+ cats now call home.

Latest Trailer


It's tough being a cat that has no home. Of course, it's always good when a human is willing to lend a helping paw.  For the crew at Safe Haven For Animals it's a daily occurance to save those cats needing help. Of course, running a no-kill shelter for them isn't easy either. Catch our latest series The Street Cats Of Phoenix: The Cats Of Safe Haven airing this summer only on Cat Galaxy.

Did You Miss  The First Trailer? Here It Is


For those that missed the official trailer that first introduced this latest series, here it is. You can also see it on our Youtube channel as well. Enjoy.


Coming Soon: Cat Radio

Icarus isn't the only cat you'll be seeing on Cat Galaxy's upcoming reality show 

for cats. Isis too will make an appearance along with their favorite human.

It's official. Cat Galaxy will be launching a new reality show and soon you will be seeing the station and its staff as they go about their daily grind at the only radio and TV station for cats in existance. It might just get a bit wild on this show. Catch the new series Cat Radio coming soon to Cat Galaxy.

Icarus Wants His Cup