4 Things That Cats Like the Most

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Cats are not only fascinating but also have an amazing intelligence. There’s a long list of things that the cats like according to their owners. They obviously also have a lot of dislikes like all the other living beings of the planet. While every cat may have its own preferences, there are certain things that each of them commonly like. Here we present some of the things that felines all over the world like the most:

1. Sleeping

One of the habits most common among cats across the world is sleeping. This is not a secret anymore, but many cat owners still don’t know this fact. Cats sleep for almost 13 to 16 hours every day on an average. Kittens may sleep for more number of hours, which may go up to 20 hours every day.

This means that a cat spends more time taking its nap than doing anything else. So, if you’re worried that your cat is sleeping too much, know these facts. Of course, if it’s sleeping more than the number of hours mentioned here, consult a veterinarian.

2. Grooming

It would come as a surprise to you that cats love grooming themselves. They also like to have someone groom them. A cat spends two to six hours cleaning and conditioning their claws and coat every day. Their tongues act as a sandpaper, helping them clean off all the dirt and disperse skin oils on their coats. Cats even take time to groom their companions.

3. Scratching

You might’ve seen your cat scratching the inanimate objects many times. This is absolutely normal among cats and is one of their essential behaviors. There can be several reasons for a cat scratching such objects. One of them is to remove its claw husk, which is the outer layer of the claws.

Another reason would be to mark its territory. The scratching leaves some scent and visual cues for other cats and animals. This way , they come to know that the territory belongs to your cat. Cats also scratch the objects to stretch their limbs and spines in the process.

You need to understand that it won’t be good to stop them from scratching. Instead, you must train your cat to scratch certain surfaces and ignore the others. You must also provide it with a good option. After all, every cat has its own preferences when it comes to scratching surfaces.

4. Interactions

When you see cats hunting alone and not in groups, you may think they’re solitary beings. However, this is far from being true. It will surprise you that cats love social interactions, perhaps even more than their food. The Oregon State University did a study relating to this aspect of cats. It involved shelter cats and pet cats. They gave these cats an option to choose between toys, food, scent, and interactions with humans.

The researchers could see a variation among the cats. They saw the shelter cats as well as pet cats showing deep interest in interactions with people. Cats express their affection and love quite differently. They express their happiness through purring, rubbing against you, or sleeping near you. Other ways of showing their joy are meowing and giving you a slow blink.


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