8 Great Foods That Cats Love to Eat

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When you’re buying cat food at a grocery store, you might keep wondering what to get for your feline companion. There are some recommendations that the vet might’ve given you in this regard. However, you’d like to learn about the dietary requirements of your cat yourself.

Besides, you’d want to give your cat the best foods to keep it healthy and happy. So, here are some of the great foods that cats generally love to eat:

1. Salmon and Tuna

There are many commercials of cat food that show salmon in them. In fact, a lot of wet foods for the felines contain fish-based ingredients. Fish has omega-3 fatty acids, which can be excellent for your cat’s eyes. Among the favorite fish of cats are salmon and tuna. However, you must always remember not to give them raw to your cat. Raw foods can make it sick.

2. Chicken

Cats love to eat meat. One of the great sources of protein that you can give your cat is chicken. It helps in keeping your cat’s bones healthy and building its muscles. Chicken also plays an important role in controlling your cat’s blood pressure and cholesterol. It also protects your cat from several diseases. Your cat would certainly love some generous servings of chicken.

3. Turkey

If you want your cat to shed some of its weight, treat it with turkey. Skinless turkey would be a perfect low-fat option for your cat, which will lower its cholesterol. Besides, turkey is a good source of potassium, iron, phosphorus, and zinc.

4. Canned baby food

You’ll find it somewhat difficult to feed your cat when it’s feeling sick. In such situations, canned baby food can make your cat feel better. Before giving canned food, it’s important to check if it contains onion and garlic. They can be a bad choice for cats.

5. Cooked meat

Cats can be good meat-eaters. They primarily obtain much of their nutrition from meat. Cooked meat can be a great option as it’s free of impurities and bacteria. Besides the protein content can keep your cat’s heart, reproductive system, bones, and muscles healthy.

6. Bread

You won’t have to take much effort to get some bread for your cat. This is one of the foods that you’ll find in your house almost every day. So, whenever you’re enjoying your bread, make sure you share some of it with your cat. Whole wheat breads are a much better option than white bread as they contain whole grains.

One important thing to note here is that bread must only be given occasionally. It must not substitute the meal that your cat regularly eats.

7. Cheese

The best options in cheese for your feline friend would be Swiss, Cheddar, and Gouda. As they’re high in protein and calcium, you should feed any of them to your cat in small amounts. If your cat is intolerant to lactose, give a very small amount and check how its body responds.

8. Cooked eggs

Cooked eggs can be a fabulous homemade food for your cats. They’re also present in many of the cat foods. So, you’ll have no difficulty in getting them. They’re abundant in vitamin B and protein, which is good for your cat’s health. If you’re cooking the eggs at home, make sure that they’re cooked properly. To check if it’s allergic, only give it a little bit initially and watch out for the reactions.


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