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Welcome to the official Web Site for Cat Galaxy. We are an Internet radio and TV station specifically for cats to listen to and also watch. On this Site you can receive all the need to know facts about Cat Galaxy and its live Internet radio shows like Morning Meows, Meow Mixing Monday, Tuesday Night Cat Club, Wednesday Night Cat Attack, Thursday Night Purr Party, and the Friday Night Feline Frenzy as well as some of the latest news involving the station. Cat Galaxy is based in Phoenix, AZ and broadcasts live 24/7 to a feline audience worldwide in 128k CD quality stereo.

Cat Galaxy is also the first station to play the Feline Freeform format approved by cats.  Feel free to email us. We enjoy hearing from our listeners and viewers. Meow!

This year we will be designing a new web site for our station. Sometimes throwing a new coat of paint on the walls is never a bad thing and as always will be cat friendly.

RIP Icarus

It is with great sadness that Cat Galaxy reports that our manager Icarus has passed away. He will be greatly missed and was well loved. He was very instrumental in the operation of our station. A memorial broadcast will be planned soon.

The Live Radio Shows


Morning Meows

The purrfect start to every cat's weekday morning beginning at 8am. We play some of the best stuff in our Feline Freeform format and also have some great fun as well. So, get your weekday morning started off right with a lot of fun as only a station for felines can deliver. 

Meow Mixing Monday

Meow Mixing Monday has some great mixes of music from Smooth Jazz to Alternative. Cats will certainly want to tune in as we present some colorful sets of the many genres we play on the station including Smooth Jazz, Classic Rock, Alternative, Funk, R&B, and Swing. We also present a set where all the music we play is mixed together so you never know what will be played. Come join us for a meowing good time.

Tuesday Night Cat Club

The Tuesday Night Cat Club is a great way to relax on a Tuesday night. It has a great mixture of music that only a cat can love. Be ready as we play some of the greats of Smooth Jazz, R&B, and of course the ultimate Feline Freeform mixed sets. We might also have other surprises in our music sets, like featured artists and extended sets of music as well. You never know what you might hear so tuning is always recommended. We hope you can join us for some great tunes.

Wednesday Night Cat Attack

This is the ultimate feline mix as we play our normal Feline Freeform mix along with a few bands from Arizona as well as clips from The Animal World. Also, we might play double shots of artists that the felines love from George Benson to Ozzy Osbourne. The Wednesday Night Cat Attack is one giant midweek party that felines will definitely enjoy. Join the fun and be prepared for the attack of felines every week.

Thursday Night Purr Party

You don't have to wait until Friday night to groove to your favorite tunes. The Thursday Night Purr Party is ready to play the best music as we will feature some of the best songs from Smooth Jazz, Swing, Alternative, Funk and Rock. You might also hear a block of songs from old style Classic Rock and possibly the 80's.  If you miss the artist of the month on the Tuesday Night Cat Club where their entire works are played, don't worry. We replay them on this show. Meow or sing away to your favorite tunes as we prepare you for the Friday Night Feline Frenzy in the only way a cat station can.

Friday Night Feline Frenzy

Ever wonder what a cat does on a Friday night? Well the Friday Night Feline Frenzy might be the answer to this question. You will hear song sets from some of the greats of Funk, Smooth Jazz, Rock, Swing, Alternative and R&B. We also have songs from the 80's as well. You might even hear the Feline Frenzy Mix which takes all the genres we play and mix them together. One song may be Rock and the next one following Smooth Jazz. So join us for some great music and a fun time.

The night time shows begin at 7pm (9pm Central, 10pm Eastern) Arizona and Pacific time. Morning Meows begins at 8am Arizona time. Meow!

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