5 Benefits You Get When You Own a Cat

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The relationship that you have with your cat as its owner can be very rewarding. A cat has this extraordinary ability to calm you down and bring out the kid in you. At the same time, cats are independent beings and like to explore their surroundings on their own. However, this doesn’t affect their quality of being affectionate with their owners.

Often, your cat would love to curl up and relax in your lap. An act so simple will immediately release certain chemicals in your brain associated with relaxation. You instantly get into a state of ease and are completely free of stress. Here are some of the other benefits that you get when you’re an owner of a cat:

1. Your home will be free of pests

Cats have all the skills of a great hunter. Your cat will immediately go after a pest in the house the moment it sees one. Besides, the cats also are natural killers of insects. The popular flytraps rarely deliver their promise of the overall protection of your household.

This is not the case with cats. Nearly all of them have zero tolerance for cockroaches, spiders, and other bugs. As a result, your house will be free of pests as long as your cat is around.

2. You don’t need to spend much on them

This is another great benefit of owning a cat. If you consider the amount that you spend on a cat over its lifetime, you’ll realize that it’s quite cost-effective. However, there are certain cat breeds that can be a lot more expensive. Whatever the initial cost that you might incur to own a cat, you’ll have to spend less after owning one.

This is because expenditure on their supplies will be much lower. In comparison with the toys for dogs, cat toys are relatively cheaper. Besides, the adoption fees are generally lower for kittens in comparison with puppies.

3. Your heart will be healthier

Owning any of the pets is usually good for the health of your heart. Cats have the amazing ability to lower your stress levels. Since you don’t need much efforts to make them happy, you’ll have lower levels of anxiety. One of the studies showed that cat owners were less likely to die of a heart attack. This is because petting a cat can have a calming effect on you.

4. You’ll have a good companion

The idea that dogs are more affectionate than cats is a myth. In reality, your cat can be as good of a companion as dogs. This is especially true in case of women. One of the studies conducted in Austria found that cats can be good companions. It also revealed that having one in your house can be emotionally equivalent to having a romantic partner.

The purring of cat itself can make you feel good at any point of time. When a cat likes you, it’ll express its affection in many ways. One of them will be rubbing itself against your body.

5. You don’t need much space for a cat

If you share your bed even with a tiny dog, you’ll see that it needs much space. Dogs need more room to stay happy and healthy. On the other hand, cats don’t need a lot of space. You’ll have no inconvenience in sharing your bed with them. The only essentials that you’ll need to keep them happy are a litter box and bowls for food and water.


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