5 Routines for Keeping Your Cat Healthy

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For a cat owner, it’s absolutely necessary to care for the cat regularly. To keep your feline companion healthy and happy, there are a few routines that you need to take care of. Cats have been favorite pets of many since thousands of years. In the ancient times, people used to keep them as working animals for controlling rodents.

They also preyed on pests in farms, earning them a lot of admiration from their masters. In recent times, many individuals and families keep them as pets indoors. Since they’ll be spending most of their time at your home, you’ll need to ensure they’re healthy and happy. You can achieve this through some truly useful routines:

1. Brushing your cat daily

Cats usually spend much time grooming themselves. Not many cat owners know that brushing helps in removing loose hair, thus helping their pet. It is, therefore, essential that you brush or comb your cat every day. You might have some challenges in getting the required cooperation from your cat.

The best way to overcome them is to make your cat associate brushing with a happy event. For instance, brushing your cat before giving it food. In this case, the cat will see brushing as preparation for a meal.

2. Avoiding too much dry food

Not giving meat to your cat even for a short period of time is not a good idea. Your cat will end up consuming too many carbs if you feed it too much of dry food. This can result in its bad health. Cats can grow obese after some time from consuming more of dry food.

This gives rise to certain disorders in such felines. Owing to these reasons, it is necessary that the main diet of your cat be meat. Besides, meat is the foundation of a cat’s diet.

3. Providing your cat with a scratching post

You certainly wouldn’t want your sofa with threads that are ripped. So, it’s important not only to teach your cat to scratch a post but also provide one for it. This will prevent it from scratching on the furniture in your house. The scratching post must be placed in the center of the room to begin with. Many of the cat owners put it in a place that’s mostly ignored.

4. Having the required number of litter boxes

Make sure you provide two litter boxes if you have one cat in your house. You must ensure that there’s always one extra litter box available. So, if you have three cats, there must be four litter boxes for them. You must think carefully where those boxes must be kept.

Most of the people like to keep those boxes in a dark corner or the basement. Cats might not want to go to such places to use these boxes. They always want to see things around them and this is why they hate boxes with covers.

5. Always be with your cat while traveling

Traveling is quite stressful for a cat, as it is something that’s outside their normal routine. Sometimes you have no other option but to take your cat along with you. In such a situation, you must always be there with your cat. Leaving it alone in a parked car would mean inviting a serious problem.

Considering these facts, the best option would be to leave it at home. You must only do this if there’s someone else in the house to take care of it. If not, leave it in the care of a reliable pet sitter.


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