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Icarus Rosen


Icarus is the Station Manager and pretty much a great decision maker when it comes to the music we play. When not overseeing the live shows he is hanging out with Isis and his human daddy. Like other cats he enjoys eating, sleeping and music. He also likes to have fun and makes it a regular part of his day. You can email Icarus as he enjoys hearing from his fellow felines. 

Nohl Rosen

Nohl is the creator of Cat Galaxy and is Head DJ at the station. He is also the owner as well. As the Cat Protector he plays the music and provides the on air voice that has captivated our feline audience. He is also one of the producers of Cat Galaxy Internet TV for cats as well as host of the various shows. His high energy helps in the success of our station and the five live radio shows Meow Mixing Monday, Tuesday Night Cat Club, Wednesday Night Cat Attack, Thursday Night Purr Party and Friday Night Feline Frenzy

When not on the air he runs Panther TEK his computer troubleshooting, training and installation company which is located in Phoenix. In his spare time he likes listening to music, karaoke, going to movies, shooting, and of course hanging out with the cats.

In Remembrance

Isis Rosen

Isis was the creator, co-owner and manager of Cat Galaxy.  She was instrumental in the decisions on almost everything Cat Galaxy was involved with and definitely showed she was top cat. She loved good food but also loved her job and was a working cat and was the face of the station. She was featured in many news stories and she'll continue to be the symbol of Cat Galaxy. She indeed is missed.


Jade Rosen

Jade was the Assistant Station Manager at Cat Galaxy before she passed away in 2008. She was also an important element in which music and Internet TV episodes gets aired on the station. Jade was a lover of smooth jazz but her favorite band was Outkast. In her spare time Jade loved to listen to music, eat good food and hang out with Isis and Icarus.

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Are you enjoying Cat Galaxy? Then why not make a donation to the station to keep it on the air. All donations are used to keep the station broadcasting as well as offsets costs. Help us keep the station on the air for all the felines out there to enjoy. To donate, click on the button above and thank you for your support. Meow!




If you are interested in having us appear to speak to your group, school or event, feel free to give us a call at 480-980-8541 or send us an email. We will be happy to help you with booking an appearance with any of the staff. Meow!


Cat Galaxy Increases Audience

Cat Galaxy has reached a new high as over 2 million viewers and listeners have passed through our site. This is a big step for our station and we thank you all for your support. We have now been heard or viewed in almost 70 countries around the world including:

United States, Canada, Japan, United Kingdom, Israel, Germany, France, China, Norway, Brazil, Belgium, Czech Republic, Australia, Sweden, Mexico, Peru, Switzerland, Ireland, Netherlands, Finland, Seychelles, Italy, Greece, Belize, Estonia, Hungary, United Arab Emirates, Spain, Latvia, Croatia, Slovenia, Russia, Taiwan, Turkey, Luxembourg, Nigeria, Trinidad & Tobago, Poland, Indonesia, Iceland, Pakistan, Lithuania, Tuvalu, Bulgaria, Chile, Thailand, South Africa, Romania, Colombia, New Zealand, Cocos (Keeling) Islands, Austria, Kenya, Portugal, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Denmark, Uruguay, Singapore, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Malta,Vietnam, Argentina, Malaysia, Morocco, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, India, Paraguay, & South Korea.

Cat Galaxy Origin

Cat Galaxy actually began in the year 2000 when Cat Galaxy's creator Nohl Rosen was originally supposed to be a guest on someone elses radio station and was going to talk about cats and answer questions about their care. When that station's sponsorship fell through, Rosen saw his cat Isis enjoyed music. One day while he was sitting on the couch watching TV, Isis started meowing like crazy. She didn't want food, she didn't want water or even wanted to play. Rosen sensed she wanted to hear the funk CD he had laying on a table in the room. He put it in the CD player and began playing it. Isis relaxed. Rosen then realized other cats might like it and Cat Galaxy was born. Now, instead of playing music just for his cats he is playing music for cats around the world. Cat Galaxy went on the air on April 21st, 2001 and has been playing ever since. Cat Galaxy plays the following genres of music, Smooth Jazz, Funk, R&B, Alternative, Alternative Rock, Swing, and Rock.

There are seven shows Cat Galaxy normally broadcasts live on the Internet radio half of the station which includes Morning Meows, Meow Mixing Monday, Tuesday Night Cat Club, Wednesday Night Cat Attack, Thursday Night Purr Party, Friday Night Feline Frenzy, & The Animal World. We hope you will tune in and enjoy them. Cat Galaxy also has Internet TV and even Podcasts for cats as well which is now being broadcasted. So, whether it is radio, Podcasting or TV, we have you cats covered.


Did you know that in 2005 Cat Galaxy became an award winning station. Though in its fourth year of broadcasting, Cat Galaxy won the Best Freeform Station award, beating out several of the top human dominated stations in that genre. Cat Galaxy became the first station run by cats to win the award.