Release Of Illegal Immigrants From MCSO Custody Could Add Fuel To Sheriff Penzone Recall

Requested information released by the MCSO could give added fuel to the planned recall effort of Sheriff Paul Penzone.

After announcing that a recall of Maricopa County Sheriff Penzone will take place at some point this year, we thought we’d get the real scoop on the arrest records of illegal immigrants released by the MCSO. Apparently, but not surprising the lamestream media didn’t seem too interested in reporting the true numbers of illegals that were arrested and then released by the MCSO or even the nature of their crimes that they were originally arrested for. Yes, crossing into the country illegally is a crime but we wanted to show the additional charges.

In the interest of fairness we decided to request the records from the MCSO regarding the recent release of illegals from the jails and what their crimes were. We’d like to thank the MCSO for providing the records upon request. So, here are the records regarding the arrests and release of 240 illegals from the 4th Avenue Jail over the last few months. The record is about 10 pages. Do you think this could spell trouble for Sheriff Penzone and be a good reason for recall? It’s possible but we thought we’d let the public decide. There is now a planned recall effort underway to get him removed from office. We have linked the record for your convenience. This will require enlarging it a bit.





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Recall Effort Against Maricopa County Sheriff Paul Penzone Being Planned

A recall effort is being planned to hopefully remove current Maricopa County Sheriff Paul Penzone from office.

After already serving a short time in office as Maricopa County Sheriff, a recall committee is already being formed against Sheriff Paul Penzone. A committee is usually one of the first steps needed to begin a recall effort against a candidate but according to Arizona law you can’t file a recall effort to oust a candidate for 6 months after they are sworn into office.

“Right now it’s all in the planning stages so when the necessary waiting period is over we can begin collecting signatures and filing the necessary paperwork needed for recall. It’s all about being prepared and being ready to go when the time comes,” said Nohl Rosen who is leading the grass roots recall effort.

Rosen, a local business owner and founder of the pro-police movement Rally For Law Enforcement says that Penzone isn’t who should be leading the MCSO especially after his recent stand on illegal immigration.

“Sheriff Penzone has referred to illegal immigrants as guests which is absolutely wrong. They aren’t guests, they’re criminals. If you cross into this country illegally then you’re breaking the law. A Sheriff’s first duty is to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States and I don’t feel our new Sheriff has any interest in doing that. You might say I have no confidence that Sheriff Penzone will enforce the law, especially when it comes to illegal immigration,” Rosen added.

There are other reasons for Sheriff Penzone’s removal like dismantling one of the posses, the closing of Tent City and George Soros donating money to his campaign, but illegal immigration seems to be at the forefront. It has been reported that dozens of illegal immigrants have already been released before Sheriff Penzone reached a slight compromise with ICE.

A meeting of the committee to recall Sheriff Penzone is expected to be announced soon. A Facebook page for the recall effort has been created so people can get more up to date information. You can find it at

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Local Business To Celebrate President Trump Inauguration

One business owner in Arizona is planning on celebrating President Trump’s inauguration on January 20th and is encouraging other business owners across the United States to do so as well.

Tomorrow, our country will swear in our new President, Donald J. Trump, bringing the nightmare known as the Barack Obama administration to an end. One local business owner is planning on celebrating. Nohl Rosen who owns Panther TEK a local IT company which serves both the Phoenix metro area as well as Wickenburg and the surrounding areas plans on running a discount on its computer repair and troubleshooting services for all customers on Inauguration Day.

“Small business has suffered greatly under Obama and I’m glad he’ll be gone. I’m not afraid to say I supported President-elect Trump and I hope many consumers nationwide will spend money at small businesses on Inauguration Day to celebrate his presidency. Obama and his policies have made it very hard on a lot of small businesses in this country to operate, and for the last 8 years it has been a nightmare. I’m glad to see that we’ll have a real President like Trump in the White House and I think he’ll definitely turn things around in this country economically,” Rosen said.

Rosen is hopeful that more businesses will join him in welcoming the nation’s 45th President of the United States and have celebrations of their own.

For more about Panther TEK visit the company’s web site at or give them a call at 480-980-8541.



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Phoenix Comicon Director Addresses Fallout Over Volunteers Paying To Work Event

After chaos erupts over Phoenix Comicon's decision to have volunteers pay to work the event, the covention's director Matt Solberg issued a statement addressing concerns about staffing. Picture is courtesy of Phoenix Comicon.

After chaos erupts over Phoenix Comicon’s decision to have volunteers pay to work the event, the convention’s director Matt Solberg issued a statement addressing concerns about staffing.  Picture above is courtesy of PCC 2017

It seems that the director of Phoenix Comicon is facing a lot of heat over his decision to have volunteers pay to volunteer to work Phoenix Comicon 2017. Part of the plan was to have volunteers join a social group called the Blue Ribbon Army by paying them a membership fee and thus have the opportunity to volunteer for PCC. That of course didn’t sit well with many of those that have in the past volunteered for this large pop culture event which is enjoyed by a large number of people that attend it every year. One of the biggest questions raised was the fact that Solberg himself and PCC’s program director Joe Boudrie sat on the Board Of Directors for BRA which also caused a stir and was in fact seen by some as a conflict of interest.

One question that has surfaced is why PCC didn’t just hire paid staffers to run the convention in the first place? This would have eliminated a lot of problems and given those that truly are qualified and passionate about pop culture a chance to earn a little money. Yes, when you run an event as a business then you’re sure to prosper with the right model. PCC has had a lot of volunteers for what is actually a profit making event and perhaps Mr. Solberg is learning that trying to go the cheap route almost always comes to bite you on your butt later.

There has been a call for a boycott of PCC 2017 over the decision to make volunteers pay to work the event and also due to BRA being handed so much power over the convention. It seems the easiest thing would be to hire paid staff to work the con and have BRA pay to be an exhibitor. It’s simple and easy. Nonetheless, the outrage has caused Solberg to listen to the masses.

Issued today was the following press release by PCC which we will now post in it’s entirety without editing in the interest of fair play.

“Dear All,

Let me start by apologizing for the rupture that has occurred in our community because of the announcement last week regarding the new requirement that volunteers be part of the newly-formed Blue Ribbon Army.  We did not expect this level of reaction.  That friends are unfriending others over this issue is anathema to the core values of both Phoenix Comicon and Blue Ribbon Army, which seek to provide opportunities for those of us in the geek community to celebrate our interests and meet others.  As another said, “This is con circuit; not politics.”

It should not be lost on anyone that the visceral reaction is a sign of how passionate our community is about Phoenix Comicon and that we all have a common interest in seeing it thrive for years to come.  Unfortunately, our messaging failed to adequately communicate the reasons for the change and why the change is vital to the continued viability of Phoenix Comicon.  I want to now correct that mistake and speak candidly about the reasons for the proposed change.  We also want to solicit your comments and feedback on the options available to Phoenix Comicon going forward.

When I started Phoenix Comicon I simply followed the model that existed for decades prior to me:  volunteers working for a for-profit company.  That model is so prevalent within conventions and sporting events that it never occurred to me that there might be legal hurdles in operating in such a fashion.
However, in recent years, both private parties and governmental agencies have taken the position that a for-profit company can only use volunteer labor under limited circumstances and the lines are not always bright.  In my announcement last week, I referenced changes within the industry that are forcing us to adopt a new staffing process without offering specifics.  I was referring to this shift in position.  One need not look far to see stories related to this shift.
Here’s one on the lawsuit over at Emerald City Comic Con over their staffing policies:

Here’s one from The Mary Sue on overall convention volunteers:

And one on the South by Southwest festival in Austin, TX:

And one on our decision that details the overall industry:

And here’s a good one on five trends to watch for next year:

Simply put, although we believe that Phoenix Comicon has always acted legally, the model we have used presents too large of a risk moving forward.  Phoenix Comicon can no longer use direct volunteers to staff the convention while maintaining its current status.

We have two options:
One – go to an all paid staff for Phoenix Comicon.  This would bring a more dedicated and professional staff, but would require a reduction of over one thousand positions, as Phoenix Comicon cannot afford to pay over 1,400 volunteers. It would further require an update to our existing organizational structure and process.  We estimate that less than 30% of existing staff would be offered a paid position.

Two – liaise with a non-profit social club recognized as a 501(c)(7) whose members pay annual dues.  This would require volunteers to pay an annual fee in the amount of $20.  We would be able to maintain a similar structure to what we use today and estimate that up to 90% of existing staff would maintain their role.

Maintaining the status quo is not an option, no matter how much we all wish that it could be.

In weighing the two options available to us we considered a number of factors.  First and foremost in our minds was the desire to allow each and every one of you to remain involved.  As I said above, the option to go to a paid staff would eliminate more than two-thirds of the staffing opportunities.  That means that the majority of you would be unable to participate in helping Phoenix Comicon moving forward.

Given the vast number of passionate individuals who participate within Phoenix Comicon, and to minimize the disruption to our overall operations, we chose the second option: to utilize a non-profit social club.  We chose Blue Ribbon Army as they share our values, have been a part of our community since 2013, and have shown their good intentions through their charity fundraising parties.  There is already crossover in the membership of Phoenix Comicon and Blue Ribbon Army.  We wrongly believed that the other benefits of membership within Blue Ribbon Army would be seen as outweighing the annual dues.  Unfortunately, by not clearly explaining the reason for the change, many in the community took away an unintended message.

When we announced this change last week, we minimized discussion of the shift in the industry that makes changing our staffing model imperative.  As I said above, that was a mistake.  The resulting blow up within our community on social media, geek news sites, and local and national news outlets is greater than we anticipated.  We knew this would be difficult, but we underestimated the reaction.

In hindsight, we should have been clear that the choice is not between the status quo and working with the Blue Ribbon Army, but between one model wherein we see significant reductions in the number of positions and individuals who participate and another model that works with the Blue Ribbon Army and keeps the number of positions and individuals we do have though it requires a fee to join.

I do believe in the Blue Ribbon Army.  Matt and Jen Hinds as Founders of Blue Ribbon Army have a great vision for the organization.  I think it is a positive force for good within our community and has the potential to become so much greater than it is.  The resulting firestorm over this announcement has shown that the Blue Ribbon Army will not live up to its full potential with my direct involvement.  Many of you were concerned over my involvement as an Equity and Board member and any perceived conflicts of interest.  Therefore, effective immediately, I am resigning my position on the board and have begun the process of unwinding my equity position.  This will place the power and voting rights of Blue Ribbon Army in the hands of Matt and Jen Hinds.   Upon completion I will have no equity or voting stake within Blue Ribbon Army and will not be listed on any documents filed with the state, although  Square Egg Entertainment remains a corporate member.   You can bet that I’ll be promoting their efforts as much as I can to help them grow.  They are an organization that deserves your consideration.

With that said, many of you may still feel that using Blue Ribbon Army for our staffing needs is unacceptable, and the model we need to follow is that of paid staff, with the resulting reduction in force.  For anyone who has already purchased a Blue Ribbon Army membership who wishes to not take part in said group will receive a full refund.  Please contact Blue Ribbon Army.

At this point, I’m open to either model, as each has strengths and weaknesses.  My sole purpose is to ensure Phoenix Comicon avoids becoming embroiled in the controversies caused by the shifting industry model and can continue for years to come.  We are therefore soliciting your comments and feedback in this regard.

Now is the time for you all as staff and volunteers to come ask questions and make your opinion known.  We have meetings scheduled Thursday night, Saturday morning and afternoon that you can RSVP:

Then next Saturday January 14th we will conduct our first All Hands meeting to discuss this topic.  The meeting will be held at the Phoenix Convention Center at 10AM.  We will not hold breakout or additional meetings on this day as we have in the past.   RSVP link will go out early next week.  I’ll be answering questions about how each option will impact Phoenix Comicon, and then in the week following our All Hands meeting on January 14th, we’ll provide our existing staff and volunteers with a chance to directly make their opinion known on which model we should pursue.  Results will be made public, with the final decision resting in the hands of the employees and ownership of Square Egg Entertainment.

I have always held that we listen to our attendees and the community.  We make mistakes.  We don’t always get it right, but we listen, we continually make improvements, and we cherish that which we have created.  I have great admiration for those who have given to our little show that could.  I have personally responded to as many comments as I could, most of the time good, some of the time, well, not so good.

I know this is the most significant transition Phoenix Comicon has yet to make.  I know there will be many who will disagree with whatever decision we chose.   But I know that Phoenix Comicon will survive, thrive, and continue to provide a source of joy and excitement to thousands of attendees.
This industry is changing and Phoenix Comicon will change and improve as best as we can.   I believe we have a chance to lead with our decision and unite in common cause.

Thank you,

Matthew Solberg
Convention Director, Phoenix Comicon
Owner and CEO, Square Egg Entertainment Inc”


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National Pro-Police Rally Being Ignored By Biased Media

A national rally in support of law enforcement is being scheduled for October 22nd which could bring out much of the public to stand in support of police officers across the nation. But could the news media be doing its best not to mention it? It's possible.

A national rally in support of law enforcement is being scheduled for October 22nd which could bring out much of the public to stand in support of police officers across the nation. But could the news media be doing its best not to mention it? It’s possible.

A national pro-police rally called Back The Badge which is scheduled for October 22nd is apparently being ignored by much of the lamestream media. The pro-police movement Rally For L.E. which is organizing the rally is seeing that much of the lamestream media silent about the event and the movement’s founder Nohl Rosen isn’t hiding how he feels about the issue.

“It’s not surprising that the news media in this country won’t mention that a pro-police rally is taking place as it isn’t popular and one can pretty clearly see they aren’t on the side of law enforcement.  I find it pretty shameful and despicable that they’ll happily let all of their audience know about a Black Lives Matter protest and race to cover it. However, when a rally is being held to support our law enforcement they’re less than willing to even mention it. It’s clear what side the media in this country is really on and it isn’t with police officers, but they sure have shown they have no problem supporting a thug that’s out to hurt or kill a cop. One can only wonder how much more biased they can get,” said Rosen.

He also mentioned that there’s a war on police in this country and feels it’s clear that the lamestream doesn’t want to mention it.

“Our police officers are being shot at and killed in this country and it’s very clear that war has been declared on law enforcement across the United States. It’s obvious that the lamestream media doesn’t want to mention it because that may be too truthful for them to hear so they don’t air it. Our cops are risking their lives to keep our community and they deserve our respect and support,” Rosen added.

For more information about Rally For L.E. and the upcoming Back The Badge rally visit the movement’s web site at

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Trump Supporter’s Answer To Progressive Goes Viral On Social Media

When a progressive poster on Facebook began attacking Donald Trump, one of his supporters came up with an answer that might be one of the most sensible and clever responses yet.

One Trump supporter’s answer to a progressive who decided to post why they don’t like the Republican nominee for President has gone viral. And the post was written by the least likely of all people, pro-police supporter and Wickenburg, AZ businessman Nohl Rosen. Rosen is an independent that supports Trump and he had a clear response to those who don’t like him. It reads:

“I had to say this because it’s obvious the people that hate Trump aren’t basing it on anything logical or even factual. Apparently he’s a threat to you progressives so I think must ask what the real reason is why you don’t like him.

What don’t you like about Trump? Is it his wanting to bring jobs back to the United States so our economy is strong again? Is it his wanting wanting to get rid of Obama’s failed plans? Is it his wanting to have Hillary answer for her crimes? Is it his support of law enforcement? Is it his wanting to build the wall so we have protection at the border? Is it his wanting the United States Constitution to matter again? Is it his wanting to destroy terrorists? Is it his success? Is it his wanting to lower taxes? Is it his wanting to get rid of the Affordable Care Act? Is it his wanting to have these people coming from terrorist nations actually vetted? Is it his wanting a strong military again? Is it his support of Israel?

I guess when you’re a liberal or progressive those things are probably the reasons one probably wouldn’t like Trump. After all, when people don’t feel like working or think the government should be given so much power the people don’t have rights then a guy like Trump would probably seem pretty bad to the progressives. After all progressives believe in government actually having the right to decide for us so the Constitution doesn’t matter anymore. And it’s the progressives that have no problem allowing our country to be turned into a dictatorship on the promise that they get free crap even though it isn’t really free.

I say those that don’t vote for Trump must decide if they truly want this country to be great again or have a chance for prosperity. The progressives don’t want to work and they sure as hell don’t want God to even matter in this country so they try to erase him from everything. If that’s the case all the progressives better start dumping their money and moving from the United States because God still matters here. After all, the words “In God We Trust” is stamped or etched on all of our money.

I’ll never get the people who dislike Trump and not base it on any of his plans but instead will base it on what the bullshit, biased lamestream media says. Then again, the lamestream media is supportive of Hillary and therefore believes in selling the American people lies in order to distract us from the real issues. That’s why they ignore all the criminal stuff Hillary does and attack Trump using a video of something that was said 11 years ago. Why? Because that’s all they have left to attack him on. The truth is, Trump has been stating how many people feel in this country and it’s fact as opposed to fiction which is what the progressives believe. Lies to them is truth because they choose to believe it.

What will you do when Trump wins? Will you leave the country? Will you rebel or stomp your feet and cry that all your so-called free benefits will be ending? Or will you rejoice because you have someone that isn’t a politician in office actually has a chance to jump-start the economy again where people are working again and thus able to provide for themselves and their families again?

I’ve learned that the ones that don’t like Trump don’t base it on anything except what the lamestream media tells them. Is that what you’re basing your reason on for not liking Trump like the millions of other progressives do? That’s usually why they don’t like him. Maybe they realize their free ride is over.  So, what is you real reason as to why you don’t like him other than to say you don’t like him? If you want things to get better in this country you’d better hope he wins because with Hillary you’ll get 4 more years of Obama or worse.”

It may not be the best way to defend Trump but it certainly nails it, don’t you think?

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A Sad Day For Cat Galaxy: Icarus Passes Away

Icarus, Cat Galaxy’s station manager passed away today marking an end to an era for the famed radio station for cats. Icarus joined the station in 2004 and often appeared on many of the broadcasts

It is with deep regret to announce that Cat Galaxy has lost one of its own today. Icarus, Cat Galaxy’s station manager passed away due to complications with a urinary tract infection and blockage. Icarus joined the staff at Cat Galaxy 12 years ago and was instrumental in the station’s day to day operations and often appeared in news segments and on various shows. Icarus’ human said he died while being transported to the vet.

“I loved him so much and I’m pretty heartbroken right now. He was a special cat and like Isis and Jade he will be missed. Now they’re all back together on the other side,” said station founder Nohl Rosen.

Isis, was famously known to be responsible for the idea of the radio station for cats which began broadcasting 15 years ago and was the very first station manager. She passed away 3 years ago. Jade became assistant manager after joining the staff in 2002 and then passed away in 2008. There’s no word on whether or not more cats will be coming on board or when an on air memorial will take place for Icarus but it is a possibility. Rosen did however mention that there will probably be a new generation of cats joining the staff to take over where Icarus left off but right now time is being taken to mourn the loss.

For more about Cat Galaxy, you can find the station online at

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Candidate For Maricopa County Sheriff Challenges Arpaio To Debate

Marsha Hill, a Republican candidate for Maricopa County Sheriff has challenged the incumbent Sheriff Joe Arpaio a debate on the issues. However, is he brave enough to accept the challenge?

It looks like things are heating up in the race for the top law enforcement position in Maricopa County. Maricopa County Sheriff candidate Marsha Hill is challenging Sheriff Joe Arpaio to a “debate on issues facing Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office in light of federal court orders relating to Melendres case,” according to R.J. Morris, a member of Hill’s campaign management team.

Morris says Hill is also challenging Arpaio and all county sheriffs in Arizona to “do the right thing and provide deputies for polling places to prevent ‘vote harvesting’ – which is now a felony.

County Recorder Helen Purcell has said she is not equipped to enforce this part of the law, leaving voter frauds free to pursue that enterprise without fear of enforcement.

“Take some initiative Sheriffs of Arizona! Enforce the Law, please,” the Hill campaign further stated.

The question now remains, will Arpaio be brave enough to accept Hill’s challenge to a debate?

You can find out more about Marsha Hill’s run for Sheriff at

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Pro-Police Movement Leader Supports Marsha Hill In Race For Maricopa County Sheriff

Nohl Rosen, the founder of the pro-police movement Rally For L.E. has come out in support of Marsha Hill to be the new top cop in Maricopa County. Here he is in a recent picture supporting the members of the Arizona DPS.

While many in Arizona have focused on the race for President and for the United States Senate, one local race being overlooked is the race for Sheriff of Maricopa County and one candidate just got an endorsement which could be a slight game changer as the August 30th’s primary looms closer. Nohl Rosen, the founder of Rally For L.E., a pro-police movement has decided to endorse Marsha Hill for Sheriff putting him at definite odds with those he knows that are staunch Joe Arpaio supporters.

“Yes, I have had some lively discussions about the race for Sheriff with some people I would consider friends that staunchly support Arpaio. At one time I was an Arpaio supporter but I just can’t support him anymore. I feel as a citizen that a change is needed at the MCSO and that he’s not fit to lead it anymore.  I feel Marsha will bring integrity into the job and that the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office will definitely stand to benefit as a result. Being Sheriff shouldn’t be about camera time, theatrics or hero worship, it should be about doing the job and being held accountable for your actions. Hill believes in accountability and that’s pretty important in my opinion because the voters should know what’s going in the MCSO and not have to hear about a problem on the 10pm news,” Rosen said.

However, while Rosen supports Hill he does respect Arpaio’s lengthy career in law enforcement and mentions that he do some good for the MCSO like creating the Animal Cruelty Enforcement Unit, the MASH Unit and Tent City. Of course, Rosen also mentions that his choice of backing Hill also was because he saw how she intends on running the MCSO.

“She’s stated that she wants to run the department like a business. One of her plans is to shrink the command staff a bit and take the money that’s saved there and hire more deputies. She also wants to make sure the deputies that need it also get training on the Constitution and wants to give help to personnel that suffer from PTSD which is high among law enforcement right now. She also believes in the Second Amendment and is against any kind of federalization of police not to mention is against illegal immigration,” He added.

Right now Hill is fighting a grass roots effort to unseat Arpaio and Rosen says that people should get to know her and that the local media might want to talk to her as well as the other candidates running for Sheriff.

“Arpaio has definitely has name recognition, but the voters should have the right to hear about the other candidates. I feel Marsha would make an excellent Sheriff. She’s worked along side of them for a good number years, knows the command structure and would work hard to get to know the community that she’d serve as Sheriff. She does care about people and I think she’d be leading from the front and not the back,” Rosen added.

For more about Marsha Hill and her run for Sheriff visit her campaign’s web site or call 602-774-2774.

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Pro-Police Movement Founder Says Armed Citizens Need To End The War On Police

Rally For L.E. founder Nohl Rosen stood watch earlier this month holding a Thin Blue Line flag outside a Scottsdale hospital in support of MCSO Deputy Bryan Wisda who was shot multiple times by a drive by shooter during a traffic stop. 

The founder of the pro-police movement Rally For L.E. (the LE standing for law enforcement) recently appeared on the Chips -N- Salsa Show in Phoenix to talk about the war on police and he isn’t holding back when it comes to the topic when asked on what we can do to end it.

“There’s obviously a clear war that’s been declared on law enforcement in this country and armed citizens need to stand with police in order to end it. We need to have their backs, it’s that simple,” said Nohl Rosen the movement’s founder.

Last week Phoenix Police buried Officer David Glasser in what was described as a massive tribute to truly was a fallen hero. Even in death Officer Glasser saved other lives as he was an organ donor. After being laid to rest however another Phoenix police officer was shot at during a traffic stop. The officer was unharmed but the suspect is still at large. Officer Glasser wasn’t the only officer killed recently in the line of duty and laid to rest in the last week. Auburn police officer Ronald Tarentino, Jr. after he was shot by the driver of vehicle he stopped. In both cases, Officers Glasser and Tarentino both passed away at the hospital and also left a family behind.

Also in the same week a Harris County, GA deputy was shot in the face during a traffic stop but the suspects have been arrested. Over the weekend Houston Police officers also came under attack as well. But despite the battle he wants officers to know that Rally For L.E. will stand by them and be there when they need help. He also says they’ll be there in both good and bad times.

“We shouldn’t just support them when a cop has been killed in the line of duty we need to do it while they’re still here. That’s one of things I’ve been working hard to do and also encourage others to do the same,” Rosen said.

Rosen has stood watch at 3 different hospitals for officers that were shot in the line of duty and he doesn’t want there be to be a fourth.

“One cop injured or killed in the line of duty is one too many in my book. One way or another the war on cops will end and it won’t be the bad guys that win,” Rosen added.

For more about Rally For L.E. visit the movement’s web site at www.

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