Obama: America’s Blame Game Leader

It’s pretty clear that Obama is treading water and drowning right now in regards to the uprising in the Middle East.  Last week on the 11th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, protests broke out in Egypt and Libya. The radical jihadists and Muslim protesters are claiming that an internet movie that insults Islam is to blame for their violence. In the thick of it, Barack Obama and his administration choose to agree with those who attack our embassies, burn our flag and kill our people.  In Libya 4 Americans including the US ambassador were killed when terrorists attacked the US Consulate in Benghazi. Despite the Obama administration stating this was a just a spontaneous reaction to a movie, Libyan President Mohammed el-Megarif says this was indeed a pre-planned attack by a group of radicals with ties to al-Qaeda.

Fox News has also reported that an intelligence source has told them there was no protest prior to the attack on the Consulate.

“There was no protest and the attacks were not spontaneous. It was planned and had nothing to do with the movie.” the source said.

Since the incident, other violent demonstrations have popped up worldwide in other countries and all of them using the excuse that the movie called Innocence of Muslims which came out a few months prior to the demonstrations is the cause of everything. Even the Obama administration is using this movie as an excuse for their failure in the Middle East. What’s worse is they’re siding with Israel’s enemies which have completely surrounded the Jewish state. The movie isn’t to blame for all this. Obama and his policies are. Simply put, he’s made America look weak in the face of its enemies and they know it.

Israel is the only true friend and ally in the Middle East the United States yet Obama doesn’t seem to interested in its protection. In fact, when Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wanted to meet with Obama when he visits the United States later this month, he was told no. The excuse. He is meeting with David Letterman, Beyonce and Jay-Z.

Another sticking point is while he’s told Bibi no to a meeting, Obama has invited Egypt’s President and Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohammed Morsi to the White House for a chat. It’s important to note that Obama has sent $1.4 billion per year to Egypt and supported the ousting of former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak during last year’s Arab Spring. The Muslim Brotherhood is now in power and is a known terrorist organization which has continuously called for the destruction of Israel. Morsi also visited Iran’s leadership as well which also wants to see Israel wiped off the map and Jewish blood spilled. You can’t blame the Israelis for feeling a bit let down here. The truth is, they were and Obama doesn’t seem fit to take the blame.

Despite the protests, the blame game and the obvious practice of throwing Israel under the bus, none of the media (with the exception of maybe Fox News) has seen fit to question Obama on where he was when the the first two embassies came under attack. Apparently, he went to Las Vegas for a fundraiser while the embassies came under attack. Obama also failed to increase security at embassies and consulates around the globe in anticipation of the anniversary of 9/11.

Instead of questioning Obama regarding his inaction on protecting our embassies and consulates abroad, the media saw fit to attack Romney who stepped up to the plate to condemn the attacks and dare ask the question that many of them failed to ask. Where was Obama the night the embassies called asking for assistance because they were warned the threat of attack was near? Obama was apparently sleeping when all this happened and Hillary Clinton took the call. Why hasn’t the mainstream media pressed Obama on that?

The media bias towards Obama has become pretty clear. Instead of being fair and balanced they’ve become nothing more than Obama’s propaganda arm. They attack Romney at a moment’s notice and do whatever they can to rip him apart. When Obama speaks, there are no pressing questions and they seem pretty happy not questioning him on any of the issues. Try watching MSNBC, CBS NEWS, CNN and ABC News sometime. All of them have shown favoritism towards Obama despite his leading us towards socialism, doubling our taxes and further destroying our economy. Never mind that there are 23 million people in this country out of work and 46.7 million people in this great land are on food stamps. Also, did I forget to mention that our deby clock is now over $16 trillion? All of this is thanks to Obama. Does the mainstream media seem to care? It doesn’t seem so.

Obama stated that if he couldn’t turn things around that he’d be a 1 term President. Instead of his former slogan “change” he’s now using the word “forward.” How typical. His policies have failed, he’s made America look weak in the face of its enemies, he’s straddled us with more debt, and we’re facing even more people being out of work. What has been Obama’s answer to all of this, blaming someone else. That seems to be the thing to do during his Presidency. When our embassies are attacked and radical Muslims scream “death to America” he blames a movie. When jobs aren’t created and he pushes the deficit past $16 trillion, it’s President George Bush’s fault even though he’s no longer in office. And, when small businesses dare to succeed he says it’s someone else who built that.

How about some honesty Obama? The truth is you didn’t deliver on your promises, you fell asleep at the switch when our embassies were attacked and things are indeed not better now in this country financially than they were 4 years ago. People need to wake up and face reality. Obama has made things much worse in this country and you need to look past the shiny beads and handouts he promised you. It’s cost us part of our freedom and we do have a chance to get it back in November. However, if you give in to Obama and vote for him, then be prepared to give our freedom up completely. It’s a lot harder to fight for it when that happens and the only ones we’ll have to blame is ourselves.

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