Fun Comes In Great Numbers At Phoenix Comicon

Are you looking for something to do this Memorial Day weekend? If you’re looking to explore a galaxy not so far away where super heroes, aliens and other far out creatures abound then look no further than the Phoenix Convention Center as Phoenix Comicon once again brings fun and imagination to the masses. From now through May 26th, thousands of sci-fi comic book, fantasy, and horror fans of all ages will show that being a geek or nerd is pretty cool and that we have little of that in all of us. Yes, fun will come in great numbers at this event.

One of the great things about the convention isn’t just the guests or the panels but the costumed characters you’ll be seeing. Yes, Phoenix Comicon is just one of those events where you’re free to use your imagination and come up with your own superhero or pretend to be one that already exists. There are no limits to the kind of ideas Comicon will spark. Whether your attending as a family or covering it as a member of the media, dressing up in costume is encouraged. Some of those who have attended the event in the past have called Phoenix Comicon “Halloween on steroids” and for good reason. At this event almost half of those attending have dressed up and have proven that you don’t have to wait until that one day in October to get all dressed up in order to live out your childhood fantasy of being Superman, Batman or some other crime fighter.

Besides all the costumed characters, Phoenix Comicon also has panels featuring your favorite comic book artists, writers, as well as actors and actresses from your favorite sci-fi, fantasy and horror movies and TV shows. In the main exhibit hall you can also purchase original comic book art and other collectibles for sale. While the event only lasts 4 days, there is so much to see and do it’s almost impossible cover it all. One thing’s for sure, it’s definitely a great way to spend your Memorial Day weekend whether you’re dressed up or not.

Do you want to attend the convention? Here’s the info…

A full event membership is $60 when purchased at the event itself. If you can’t go the entire weekend then single day memberships are available as well. If you plan on going Friday May 24th it’s $30, Saturday May 25th it’s $35, and Sunday May 26th it’s $20. There is also a preview day on Thursday May 23rd for $15 but that only gives you a slight taste of what the event will be like. Your best bet to experience the entire convention is to get the full event membership.



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