Will The Liberal Left Now Be Attacking New Proposed Gun Laws In Arizona?

Will new drafted Arizona gun laws HB 2412 and HB 2483 be the next target for the left or is religious freedom the main thing they want to destroy?

Last week, Governor Jan Brewer may have vetoed SB 1062 due to pressure by the bill’s opponents who spun a lie claiming it was an anti-gay bill but will they be setting their sites on guns next? While the media was chasing SB 1062 and saw fit to give its opponents most of the airtime to continue their assault on the First Amendment of the United States Constitution (yes freedom of religion is in the Bill Of Rights), a victory could now happen for the Second Amendment as two bills HB 2412 and HB 2483 were able to sneak by almost unnoticed which gives strength to gun rights.

HB 2412 would give the power for teachers and administrators¬† to be armed with a gun to protect the kids should a criminal decide to go on a shooting spree. The bill isn’t requiring that all schools participation as the program being called the School Safety Designee Program would be strictly voluntary. Both teachers and administrators would have to go through training programs approved by the Department Of Public Safety Program to qualify being allowed to bring a gun into the school hallways to protect students and the Arizona Attorney General will establish the rules in how it’s implemented. It’s a good bill but with a few flaws. One of which was having a proposed gun locker to lock the gun in. If the bad guys come to shoot up a school every second will count. A gun locker seems like a great theory to keep a gun away from kids hands but if the bad guys start killing people and the mechanism on the locker where you can’t reach it fails, the gun becomes a pretty useful tool. It seems that allowing a teacher or administrator to carry concealed is a much better option.

The other possible issue although small is making the teachers who go through the training to have their gun with them on school grounds go through it on a yearly basis in the first place. It should be enough that they go through certification training once and then make sure they get in the necessary practice with the weapon. Either way, HB 2412 is a much better answer to stopping a shooting spree in a school then creating a gun free zone like they had at Sandy Hook and other schools that were in states that had strict gun regulations.

Last week while national media was at the steps of the State Capitol waiting for the Governor to veto SB 1062 they totally missed an opportunity to hear about this piece of legislation but I’m sure the left will wait until the proper time to demonize it and try to state that having a gun in a school to protect their kids is a bad idea and that law enforcement should be the only ones to handle the situation when a bad guy with a gun comes on campus to shoot people. Of course, this bill is expected to gain more steam once it gets to the House floor. It has already jumped over its first hurdle and was passed by the House Appropriations Committee by a vote of 7-3 in favor.

HB 2483 which involves the discharge of a firearm on private property probably won’t get too much attention. It’s basically law which prohibits a city, town or county in Arizona from being able to create an ordinance which prohibits the discharge of a firearm or an air gun on private property. This probably won’t be too much of a big deal since most people are allowed to do what they want on their own property anyway. I doubt a lot of the public will have a problem with this one since they are allowed to have a firearm in their home or their business if they want to, especially if they need to protect themselves.

Of course, the media will probably chase HB 2481 which deals with marriage and of course the liberal left will probably try to spin that bill into something it isn’t to push gay marriage. That might be the good side effect to the gun bills because Arizona is a front runner when it comes to the right of gun owners and the liberal left knows they can’t get any form of gun control through the legislature. Still, the issue of arming the teachers and administrators might be something the liberal left does attack if they can convince the media to make it an issue. After all, they’ll take any opportunity to get air time to convince the public that the only position that matters is theirs and that everyone else isn’t allowed to have one. Perhaps the conservatives should go on the offense now and use these two new gun bills as an example as to why the Second Amendment and the Constitution needs to be defended. Sure it’s a distraction but it could be truth in action. The liberal left has made gun control and attacking the Second Amendment one of their biggest agendas next to gay rights. If the conservatives properly handle this, another great victory for the Constitution could be scored here.

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