Bed Bug Issue At North Phoenix Apartment Complex Has Residents Upset

Residents at Saratoga Ridge Apartments in Phoenix are frustrated as bed bugs have begun an invasion of their homes. They say management is doing little to solve the issue and say they may break their lease due this latest issue citing health reasons.

Once again, residents of a North Phoenix apartment complex are upset over an issue that is plaguing their homes, though it isn’t neo-Nazi graffiti that is the issue. It’s bed bugs. Yes, some of those living at the Saratoga Ridge Apartments have reported being bitten by these pests to the management with very little action being done. In fact, some residents have moved out while others are wondering how to handle the situation, feeling management has abandoned them or in the very least is unconcerned about the issue.

Bed bugs is a growing problem across the nation and it doesn’t matter how clean or dirty your place is because bed bugs always seem to find a home. The most common way bed bugs can infest a home is when you bring them back with you from vacation or perhaps your neighbor does. Either way,  once they invade they are hard to get rid of.

Those from the complex that have reported the issue to management have said it has yielded very little results and some have felt that moving and breaking the lease is the only option they have. One neighbor reported that they have had at least one treatment for bed bugs already but felt that management wasn’t so great to deal with when it came to the issue. While other neighbors received notices to get their apartments inspected for bed bugs, others didn’t. One resident even received a call today saying that they were coming in to inspect their apartment today without receiving 48 hours advanced notice as required by law and the lease agreement which is signed by Saratoga Ridge management.

Those affected by the bed bug situation are indeed angry and upset with the management and say they’ve handled things poorly. They’ve reached out to the media and have had little success and have also reported the issue to the Department Of Public Health. There has either been no response or no interest in this latest incident leaving residents wondering who will listen or looking to break the lease and move to a safer home. One thing is clear, something needs to be done. When bed bugs invade people are put at risk for potential health issues even though some web sites say they pose no large health danger. Those bitten by the pests can possibly have allergic reactions or face an endless time scratching the places they bite.

They’re annoying but bed bugs have invaded the United States with more cases every day being reported. Even after an area is sprayed, it’s no guarantee that they won’t come back or that the issue is solved. In some cases they just find somewhere else to go. Bed bugs are tiny so they can easily enter your home through even wiring and other cracks or crevices. Saratoga Ridge Apartments isn’t the only place to have to deal with them. Hotels, homes, condos, and yes even other apartments can get them. It’s becoming a national pest problem and it’s spreading. But when the management of a complex fails to notify its residents properly or fails to help them then that isn’t good for business and the tenant feels more like a number than anything else.

Nonetheless, the bed bugs are invading these residents homes and they want action. The question is who will answer the call to help. That question remains unanswered.

Saratoga Ridge is managed by Greaystar Management.


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