Pro-law Enforcement Movement Hoping To Hold Rally In Denver

Rally For L.E. a pro-law enforcement movement that is spreading throughout the United States hopes to hold a rally in support of the Denver Police Department which has been a recent target of a few anti-police protests held in the city.

The pro-law enforcement movement Rally For L.E. is hoping to hold a demonstration in support of the police in Denver after members of the community there protested against them due to the cases of Jessica Hernandez and Sharod Kindell. In the Hernandez case she was shot and killed in self-defense by police officers after she was found driving a stolen vehicle and also hit an officer with the car. In Kindell’s case he too was driving a stolen vehicle and refused to obey officer’s commands when they stopped him. When officers ordered him out of the vehicle he instead hit the gas and drove the car in reverse striking the officers. One of the officers then fired their firearm in self-defense.

Now in both cases despite the officers doing their duty and stopping the bad guys, protesters have come out blaming the police for what happened. Rally For L.E. has held quite a number of demonstrations in support of the police across the nation and won’t be stopping them anytime soon.

“We want law enforcement to know there are citizens who appreciate the sacrifice they make to keep our community safe. They literally lay their lives on the line to do their job and we should thank them for that. Hopefully, we can arrange to hold a rally in Denver and possibly another event to support the police in that city at some point soon. It’s certainly needed so we will work to facilitate that,” said Rally For L.E.’s leader Nohl Rosen.

The movement has already spread to quite a number of cities and towns across the United States after getting its start in Phoenix. The group’s next national rally for law enforcement Link In The Chain will happen again on March 28th. For more information about Rally For L.E. visit their Facebook page at and on Twitter at A web site is also being worked on and will be online soon at

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