Pro-Police Message Goes Viral On Social Media

One simple message posted by the pro-law enforcement movement Rally For L.E. has created a bit of a buzz during National Police Week which ends on Sunday. They hope more people will thank police for their service and that the message is carried by many that cops matter.

While there’s only a couple of days left to celebrate National Police Week this week, Rally For L.E. posted a message on social media that put a stamp on how the police really see things when it comes to serving the community. And the message is getting re-tweeted by police departments and law enforcement supporters around the United States.

“We make it a point to support the police and we wanted a message that is easily understood. For them, all lives matter. They answer that call for help regardless of whether the people like them or not. It takes a special person to wear that uniform and to literally lay their lives on the line in the protection of the community. We want them to know their sacrifice is appreciated and hopefully many will thank an officer when they can even when it isn’t National Police Week. They should be remembered everyday. Believe it or not, a simple thank you matters to them,” said Rally For L.E. leader Nohl Rosen.

National Police Week ends on Sunday.

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