Pro-Police Movement Rally For L.E. Turns 1 Years Old

Rally For L.E.’s founder Nohl Rosen at a recent solo rally outside a police station in Glendale, AZ. The pro-police movement he started turns 1 years old this month.

Over the last couple of years, Black Lives Matter has continued to have their racist and and anti-cop narrative broadcasted to the masses by a news media that has overwhelmingly supported them. Meanwhile, a rising pro-police movement has gone almost virtually unnoticed by the public as both the so-called conservative and liberal news media seems reluctant to even mention that such a thing. Regardless, the pro-law enforcement movement Rally For L.E. turns 1 years old this month and it all started with a small rally in Phoenix after the movement’s founder Nohl Rosen got tired of seeing and hearing the anti-cop crowd, the anarchists and the news media bashing the police on a daily basis. So instead of sitting idly by he organized a rally in front of Phoenix Police Headquarters which gained a little attention. That rally then sparked a pro-police demonstration to happen in Houston the following week. It eventually spread to even more cities despite the fact that the news media fails to mention it.

“We’ve come a long way in a year but it’s not surprising that many still have not heard of us. Supporting the police isn’t a popular narrative these days with the media and their lack of coverage of our side isn’t surprising. It’s clear they’ve launched a propaganda campaign against law enforcement nationwide and are doing what they can to support Black Lives Matter by spreading their hateful narrative. Despite it all Rally For L.E. has reached its 1 year anniversary and we will continue to stand up in support of the Thin Blue Line and let our nation’s law enforcement know that we have their backs,” Rosen said.

Rally For L.E. has held numerous rallies across the United States and still continues to grow despite the lack of public attention. The movement is made up of not only police supporters but also retired and current law enforcement members and their families. The movement is grass roots but still continues to charge up hill.

“We have good people that have joined the movement and while we may not have the resources that our opposition does or even the media on our side we remain strong in our resolve to support the members of law enforcement and let them know that they matter. We also will continue to fight to defend the Thin Blue Line as well,” Rosen added.

As for Black Lives Matter and the growing anti-cop movement, Rosen says their days are numbered and he’s encouraged those that support the police to stand up to them and not be afraid of them.

“I call them (Black Lives Matter) what they are, bullies and terrorists. I’m not afraid of them and people need to stop allowing their communities to be held hostage by them,” Rosen said.

Now what is ahead for Rally For L.E. you might ask? One of the things they’re planning in 2016 is to produce an online web series called Thin Blue Family which will be presented from the point of view of police officers and their family members. It’s expected that it will have a strong pro-police message and give a voice to law enforcement they might otherwise not had through the so-called mainstream media. Rally For L.E. also plans to hold more rallies and other events in support police.

If you want to know more about Rally For L.E. visit the movement’s web site at You can also reach them on social media as well. On Facebook you can find them at and on Twitter at

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