Phoenix City Council Votes To Ban Prayer: Resident Says The Fight Is Far From Over

Before the Phoenix City Council voted to eliminate prayer from future meetings, one Phoenix resident used a one dollar bill as a prop to show that God matters and that it’s definitely a shared belief of many in this country since it’s stamped on our currency.

Yesterday in a 5-4 for vote the Phoenix City Council voted to end prayer before every public meeting and go with a moment of silence. But one Phoenix resident is vowing to keep fighting and is planning a demonstration to convince the city of Phoenix to allow prayer before every public meeting. Nohl Rosen attended the meeting at the City Council chambers and used a one dollar bill to illustrate that people need to stand up and support God.

“To end prayer before every City Council meeting was a bad move and its clear a majority of them caved due to political correctness which has infected this country. The progressives are doing everything they can to eliminate God from the United States. Will our money be the next thing they try to ban because I’m pretty sure it says In God We Trust on it. Despite the Phoenix City Council’s decision to stop the invocation before every meeting, this fight is far from over and that I and others will stand up for God,” said Rosen.

The protest against the City Council’s decision will happen at a later date and those of faith that support the almighty will be invited to attend.

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