Final Debate A Close Call But Romney Gains The Edge

The third and final debate was probably the closest Barack Obama came to winning, but in the end, the edge still went to Mitt Romney. Surprisingly, Obama did very well despite many of the lies he spun and at times interrupted the soft spoken Romney who decided to use the different approach of acting more professional.

Foreign policy was originally the topic and while Romney let Obama walk regarding the Benghazi incident, he was quick to remind the anointed one about the apology tour he went on across the Middle East and somehow conveniently skipped over Israel. Yes, Obama has been true to his word about putting daylight between Israel and the United States. In fact, Obama outright lied about not going on an apology tour. He may try to re-write history but in the end the facts are inescapable. Obama did go on an apology tour and even bowed before a Saudi king.

Obama during the debate was quick to also spin another lie when he mentioned Israel. He stated that he has always stood by Israel. Not true Mr. Obama. Instead you opened up your apology tour in Egypt and invited the Muslim Brotherhood to the speech. You also wanted to open up negotiations with Iran which time and time again has stated that it wants to wipe Israel off the face of the earth and whose leadership denies the Holocaust ever happened. Obama has even invited the Muslim Brotherhood and other enemies of Israel to the White House for dinner, while having Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu use the back door and offering him no meal.  Also, let’s not forget the obvious snub of Bibi by Obama who would rather go on Letterman, The View, and meet with Jay-Z and Beyonce.

Another lie Obama spun was stating that we now have stronger relationships with other countries now more than ever.  Sorry sire but we don’t. Because of your policies of showing weakness to our enemies they’ve become more emboldened to attack us. Did you forget last month the uprising in the Middle East against the United States. And by the way Obama, the sanctions against Iran aren’t working and now they’re even closer to having a nuclear weapon. When Obama was faced with the question on whether he’d be there for Israel if Iran attacked the Jewish he stated that he’s always stood by them. Another lie from Obama. Romney was quick to say that if Israel were attacked he’d have their back.

While foreign policy was the main topic, Romney switched tactics and brought the debate to the subject of the economy. This is something that wasn’t supposed to be a part of the debate but it’s on most American’s minds right now. He emphasized that in order to have a strong military that we also must be strong economically. He was right. Romney, outsmarted Obama and took him to the one subject that he has really been weak in. In fact, when it comes to domestic policy, Obama’s only defense is to make up figures and to tell the country that if given 4 more years he’ll have more time to fix things. You can’t fix the economy by going on more vacations and adding $6 trillion in new debt. Yes, while Romney appeared to be a bit softer (a good strategy overall when your opponent tries to paint you as a warmonger), the one thing he knows is business.

Obama may have been a bit stronger in this debate, Romney once again provided the facts and squeaked by with another win. This debate was a bit closer and at times felt like it would be a tie, but in the end when Romney laid out the economic plan, it was pretty much over for Obama. People in this country want jobs and prosperity and for them it’s more important than what’s going on overseas. In fact, Obama said sequestration won’t happen when it comes to the budget. He then blamed the Congress for not coming around and embracing his plans of spend, spend spend. Meanwhile, Obama slashed the military budget weakening our defenses abroad. How can you expect to fight the war on terror when you don’t give the military what it needs to get the job done? And BTW, they still use horses and bayonets in the military.

Overall, this debate put the final stamp on who we should have leading us. Romney though taking a more softer tone in this debate looked pretty presidential and a bit more likable, but that might’ve been his strategy the whole time. Now, the debates are over and its time to choose the leader. Just don’t forget to cast your ballot on November 6th unless you vote early.

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